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36plymouth 03-27-2006 08:29 PM

paint software
wanted to know if anyone knows a software that i can change the colors on my car to get an idea of a color scheme. any info would be helpfull. thanks

chadsbodyshop49119 03-28-2006 11:06 AM

The program HOK has would be your best bet but vehicles on there are limited..

302 Z28 03-28-2006 11:09 AM

I have seen the HOK paint progarm in use, it is very nice, but also very expensive for the individual to purchase.

Only problem with these programs is the on screen representation of the color doesn't quite look like it in real life.


MARTINSR 03-28-2006 11:16 AM

What kind of car do you have? I mean, unless you have a '53 Kaiser Darrin you are bound to find a photo of "your" car what ever color you want. Now, it may not be the EXACT color, but the representation of the color on your monitor isn't going to be right anyway. So, a "light blue met" is going to cover a heck of a lot of different light blue metallics.

The truth to the matter is, most every color has been used before and you can get a good idea by looking at theirs.


chadsbodyshop49119 03-28-2006 11:16 AM

well the color part wouldn't bother me as I'm not a fan of HOK anyways, but I do know what you are saying, and I bet it varies from screen to screen also.. but other than that program, I don't know if there is anything else out or not, If so i'd like to find it.. :D

302 Z28 03-28-2006 11:23 AM

What I did on my project is someone sent me a bmp file of a 34 Ford 3 window. I then went online to and looked at the color I was considering, which looked nothing like the color in real life. I then adjusted the color setting in the paint program and colored the car in the bmp file. It looked fairly well, but nothing what the paint I chose looks like. I do not think there is any programs that exist except for HOK. There is just too much color variation in computer monitors to make it reliable IMO.

What Martinsr said about finding a car with a color you like is the key, worked for me.


kenseth17 03-28-2006 07:17 PM

I don't know if this will help, but I downloaded a free 3d program called rhino. Think the latest version is 3.0. With a search you may be able to find it to download for free. Its fully functioning, but you only get 25 saves. It can open files made in rhino and also 3ds files made in 3d max which is alot more common to find. If someone happened to do a 3d file of the same kind of car and you could find it to download for free, then you could open the model in rhino, and change the propertys of the parts of the 3d model to a color close to what you thinking of for color, then rotate the 3d model to the angle you are looking for and render it to see what it looks like. You can keep rotating and rendering to see what it looks like at different angles, could probably even put on different rims if you can figure out how to make some in the program of find some already done in 3d.

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