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DARK SIDE 11-19-2005 08:34 AM

paint stripping pads
What is and who makes the best paint stripping pad that goes on a grinder. I want something to take only the paint off. Blasting is not an option.

roger1 11-19-2005 08:44 AM

Are you saying you only want to take the paint off and leave the primer?

With a grinder, you'll need 36grit discs. But, it's going to go to bare metal.

DARK SIDE 11-19-2005 08:48 AM

I want to go to the bare metal but I don't want to remove any metal

roger1 11-19-2005 09:03 AM

36 grit will remove the paint but does rough up the metal. But any less grit and you'll work yourself to death getting the paint off.

After using the 36, you can DA the metal with 80 and it's ready for epoxy primer.

If you use chemical stripper, you still want to DA the metal with 80 before the epoxy.

I prefer to chemical stripper as it's hard to get in tight places with a grinder.

You could do a combination of both. Grind your flat places and chemical strip the rest.

DARK SIDE 11-19-2005 09:11 AM

Thax. I'll give it a try.

MARTINSR 11-19-2005 09:21 AM

What the Dark side is talking about is something like the 3M "Clean'N Strip" disc #07460. Sunchaser tools has large 8" disc (click here). Or 3M "Surface conditioning discs" #07451 as an example. There are about 20 numbers in the line with different "grits" and diameter of disc.

These products remove paint with ZERO damage to metal is used properly. They are really need tools. The coarser ones will remove some metal, I use them to smooth welds all the time. But you have to bare down pretty good so even they can be used to strip paint without marking the metal. I even used them to strip the "sweated" brass off my brothers vintage Harley frame without any damage what so ever to the surrounding metal! Very cool tools indeed.


DARK SIDE 11-19-2005 09:42 AM

Now thats what I'm talking about. Going to try and find them. Thax again guys.

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