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Paint and work racks

I was out back using one of my racks the other day and thought I would toss out there the ideas behind the racks I have. First off, around the body shops across America you will see a zillion of these folding racks.

They work pretty awesome and are super convenient being they fold up and take very little space when not in use.

They come with padding on the top and you can get a sling that goes across too. The one thing good about them that the sling kills is this, you can't cover it with crap like your work bench. Really, how many of us will do this, I know I do, I put stuff on the bench and next thing you know it's covered and there is no place to work. With these folding racks you put larger things on them to assemble, to paint, to cut, to disassemble. It doesn't get covered with tools and soda cans thus always there to use for it's proper purpose.

The bad thing is they do fold up which limits what you can do with them. One day I needed a stand that I could more solidly mount something to work on like sanding filler on a small piece. So I made up these cube stands. I have a great metal supply place where I was able to order 16 pieces of 1/8" thick 1 inch angle iron 36 inches long. I brought them back to the shop and quickly welded them up into these cubes. One of the cubes you will see isn't 36" wide but only 24 I think. I simply bought 12x36" long and 4x24" long.

You can see a couple pieces of pipe welded to the narrower one with washers welded to the ends. I welded this stuff on to bolt something (that something I can't remember for the life of me) to it for painting and sanding. I think it may have been a vintage Harley tank and oil bag but can't remember for sure. Anyway, the other one I had welded on it (small pieces remain) of 3/8" rod with studs at the top to put some Harley fenders on it.

These buggers work darn nice, you can lay a creeper across them for a portable bench to spread out nuts and bolts or something.

Anyway, any of you use something to toss out there?

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