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Originally Posted by Larry123 View Post
For accurate results you will first need to buy a 2001 Ford F150 lightning pickup with original paint, On second thought I may just need to do some experimenting myself.

How true, how true. And are we SURE the OP's truck is original paint?

Yep, picked up a can on the way to work today. I lucked out in that I had the rare painted on stripe on a junk fender to work with. This is an original paint Saab example.

I sprayed it on and let is set a few minutes. I was atonished to see that it did soften the stripe and some of it rubbed of with a little elbow grease.

But it had a long way to go. So I sprayed it back onto that spot I wiped off and let it set a while longer, 15 minutes or so.

I wiped it off and I'll be damn a lot more stripe came off! I was pretty surprised at this, could I NOT know everything? Damn, this was shaking me up a bit. I was under the impression that I DID know everything and this was kicking my worlds butt!

As I wiped it off it looked like friggin wax for goodness sakes, it put a SHINE on that paint, it was like it was magic. But I noticed that the rag had a little drag as I went across that area where it had been sprayed with EasyOff and not the surrounding area...hmmmm. Yep, I rubbed my fingernail across it not viciously mind you, just a little rub and sure enough the clear has been softened quite a bit! You can see the dark spot just to the left of where the stripe is almost all gone where I run my nail. It was most certainly softened!

My vast knowledge of autobody and paint had been redeamed, I DID know it all! WHOOO HOOOO

I also put it on a headlamp, it softened the clear that is on the light staining it. (Yes the plastic headlamps have a clear on them from the factory). I put it on a black out tape, yep it softened it staining it terribly.

Could it work if you simply had an original equipment Harley gas tank, sure. You have nothing else to get overspray on, the clear may be a little tougher, the stripe may be a little weaker, sure, it could work. No one is saying anyone is "wrong", what we are saying is that it isn't a something to experiment with, which is exactly what we are doing just as I did on this junk Saab fender and the other parts, experimenting.

If it was to be suggested VERY strong warnings need to be given as well so the poor guy who hears "EasyOff oven cleaner will take those stripes off" doesn't go out and spray the stuff on like it's the magic holy grail of stripe removal and he ruins some plastic parts or it attacks the paint because it wasn't original and as tough as the original would have been.

Thank you oldndusty for giving me the chance to try it out, I have heard this over the years and always totally discounted it but I can see where it could work. I asked my co-workers what they thought about it and one of them said he did know of guys using it on bikes to remove not only paint stripes but also anodize off aluminum! So there is a warning for you, don't get it on ANYTHING but the painted surface around the stripe!

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