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"I'd like you to meet my little friend Mister Paint."

Grump, awsome paint job! I also like painting the last thing people would think of painting sometimes. When you look around you almost everything IS painted. The thing about Mr Paint is he's our friend in a can and wants us to like him. He wants us to like him so much that he will never let us down. He's loyal and will do his job no matter what he's asked to color. When paint is sprayed as in most case's discussed here, we squeeze it through a tiny opening with air about the size of a toothpick end and expect it to spread out and cover something the size of a car or truck or even a Boeing 747 airplane and it does. It does this perfectly every time.
Failed paint projects can not be blamed on Mr Paint ever! When paint peels from the edge of a fender or from around a door handle, it's not the paints fault. You see Mr Paint thinks or rather knows that you didn't want him to stay on that edge or around that door handle because it was left unsanded or unclean as if you didn't want him there very long. If we want Mr Paint to stick, he wants something from us. He wants us to give him something to hold on to. Not much, but a little traction will go a long way. If we want Mr Paint to bond with us, we have to please him as well. We can't trick him or hope he'll break a rule even once. As paint flies out of the gun and onto the surface and finds dirt it thinks we want a little bump there. If further down that fender or whatever there's a little tiny winy speck of oil/wax/water Mr Paint will go around it at first to get away from it and it's later that we say he has eyes. Fisheyes is what there called by some. These are little imperfections to us but Mr Paint he could care less. He did just what we asked him to when we left these things in the way. When a sand scratch appears it's because Mr Paint went down one side of the scratch and up the other. Basically , Mr Paint doesn't get along with 4 kinds of things. #1 oils/waxes #2dirt/dust #3 water/moisture #4 slippery places. In the air or on the surface Mr. Paint ain't happy when they are around. Get these 4 out of the picture first then give Mister Paint a chance to do his dance.

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