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Madd Syntst 07-14-2002 08:41 PM

Painting Galvanized metal
I know the trill of welding galvanized, but what about painting it? I know there is something you need to prep it with or etch it before primer. I am making a tube grill from electrical EMT :rolleyes:

Halloweenking 07-14-2002 09:07 PM

Madd, why make a tube grill out of that? I've made a bunch of tube grills for friends as well as myself, I always use aluminum tubing. It has lots of added bonuses. After your done you have the option of polishing it
(can be done before too) or painting or anodizing it.

Whats the grill for?

4 Jaw Chuck 07-14-2002 09:13 PM

Zinc chromate primer works well and is sandable.

Madd Syntst 07-15-2002 05:07 AM

Grill is for my 55 Chev truck. I took out the 13 tooth 54 Chev grill. Just wasn't right. Using the EMT because my bud had some laying around. Zero cost. If I like it, I can see doing an alum square tubing grill down the road. This is a test grill that will be there all summer.
4-Jaw (That really conjures up a cartoon super hero) Is that all? I used to use that stuff in the Air Force and it is rather good. I'll try that.
Thanx guys.

Halloweenking 07-15-2002 09:40 AM

Madd, whats the look your going for with the 55?

I could make you a nice tubular aluminum or total custom grill for your truck for alot cheaper than you think. Made a really awsome one for my late Haloween mobile for real cheap, looked awsome untill it gotr charred to death. Yack at me about your trucks "look" and I'll describe some cool things for it for fun or maby a plan for the future.


Madd Syntst 07-15-2002 12:03 PM

BET! I'll get this one in and work out size and demention. In the fall, I can road trip to the Hooters near you and we can figure this one out. It should only take us a day to do it. The grill cavity is only 11 inches tall and graduates from 47 to 53 inches wide.
Halloween King and the Madd man in one location. A bottle in front of me and a frontal labotomy!

Halloweenking 07-15-2002 01:12 PM

Depends on what your going for, but watever it is I'm sure I can do it.. I could make a mean man eater grill for that lowerd beasty :cool:

I could do a desighn, or just a straight polished grill, hell don't need to meet in person to do a grill, but if I do one for ya I'll take a trip upstate, nice up there, actually got a tad bit O elevation.

Just tell me what/how your going to paint it, what you want the complete look of the truck to be and I'll do some paint program sketches, if you want a desigh, just tell me what and i'll draw it up fera' discriminating peep.


2oldster 07-16-2002 04:50 PM

Been a Bodyman for 36 years. Zinc Chromate is right, be sure you sand it first. I made a tube grill out of condiut for a 72 Torino Ranchero. Worked good but you still have to fight rock chips.

martin 07-16-2002 09:29 PM

Madd, if you wish to paint galvanized metal, before using a regular primer you must first use a self etching primer. Eg: Martin seniors "Trio Prime" is an excellent product. I have had excellent results with this and have never had a problem with flaking paint etc. Caution is addvised with this product in that you want to have good ventalation and personal safty equipment. read the product data sheet.
This works well for full coverage and for spot repairs. I hope that you find this info helpful...Martin

Dirtbag 07-16-2002 11:43 PM

We always used "Galvaprep" at the body shop when painting anything that had zinc all over it. etches nicely, but don't try to drink it.

Madd Syntst 07-17-2002 06:18 AM

OK guys, this is what I did. I sanded them down real good and then welded them together. Cleaned the metal again. Washed them down with muratic acid solution (Cheap Buzz there) rinsed real good. Washed in vinegar(Apple cider, not red wine) and rinsed. Scotch brite and Comet, rinse. Self etching primer, and black paint, clear coat. The grill goes in tonight. I will be posting a new photo as my avatar over the weekend for all to see. The real proof will be how does it weather thru the next few months.

Dirtbag, I'm worried about you and your nutritional habits

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henpecky 07-18-2002 06:36 PM

[quote]Originally posted by Madd Syntst:
<strong>I know the trill of welding galvanized, but what about painting it? I know there is something you need to prep it with or etch it before primer. I am making a tube grill from electrical EMT :rolleyes: </strong><hr></blockquote>

you can use a self etching primer,spies-hecker brand has a real good one,dont know if you have a spies dealer where you are,if not they are located in warren,michigan and will ship to you on cod.

johnny 1986 07-21-2002 08:48 AM

A real easy and cheap way to etch galvinized metal is white vinegar from the grocery store. It will not work on aluminum and is useless on mild steel. For aluminum use alodine. For mild steel use phophoric acid. Dupont and PPG both sell these chemicals under a "trade name" Read the labels to make sure you are using the appropriate chemical for the application. Back to the original question, scrub the galvinized metal lightly with white vinegar and scotch-brite and rinse with tap water and dry with clean cloth. Do not let air dry. Prime with a catalized type primer only. Lacquer based primer usually will work but it will definitly fail sooner than a catalized type. Why take the chance. Lacquer type primer went out with the high-button shoes. Good luck.

bullheimer 07-24-2002 09:03 AM

painter boss here says zinc chromate primer then you can paint it with anything. as per 2oldster/4jaw

mmetalman 08-27-2002 01:28 AM

Hi, I restore cars for a living and am very impressed with a product called rust destroyer which is basically a special primer that killed rust and corrosion and it can be applied on various metals including galvanized metal. I've used it on galvenized a number of times with great results, it far exceeds its guarantees.
By the way I hope you are welding that stuff in a well ventilated area, the fumes from galvanized metal are known to have killed people almost instantly. I always have a fan nearby when I weld any toxic metal, as well as the big shop blower vent on with a door open at the opposite end. Goodluck ~~Metalman~~

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