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FUEL 08-20-2008 01:36 AM

Painting new, previously powder coated wheels. What kind of paint, primer etc. ?
Hello, haven't posted here in a while though I drop in now and then.

I bought a set of brand new 18" American Racing Torque Thrust wheels with the grey powder coated center spokes.
My plan is to paint match the powder coated center's to match the body color of the car which is silver.

-What's the best way to prep the powder coating for paint?
-Would I need to put down a primer/sealer first? In other words, will the paint stick to the powder coat?
-Is regular base coat-clear coat paint ok or is there a tougher paint for wheels. I don't want the clear to yellow from brake heat which I've seen after painting rally wheels with Autozone wheel paint in a can.
-Do I need to sand before the clear coat because the texture of the spokes is rough so I would only get the high spot's.

I have some bucks tied up in these and It has to be right. They were custom ordered to my specs so I sure can't return them!
My friend has all the equipment to shoot them, I just need to buy the paint and supplies.

Any advice on paint brands, tips or anything else you can think of is well appreciated! Thank's in advance!

There's pics of the wheels and car in my gallery. The car is an '01 Lincoln Town Car! :eek: Share my vision-->

OneMoreTime 08-20-2008 11:30 AM

First thing to do is scuff the areas to be painted..I use the blending rolocs which are scuff pads on a 2" roloc holder about a 120 grit works do not need to remove the powder coat just scuff it well..Mask off the wheel and then shoot two wet coats of epoxy primer and then scuff again to get it smooth as possible..then base clear..

I use Spi products and have had no difficulty doing this..Brkae heat does not seem to be an issue as I have used the SPI on engines and on a jet car and it seems to hold up well..


FUEL 08-21-2008 07:37 PM

Great! Thanks for the info Sam.


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