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I haven't been lucky very much and life, but painting at home in for many years, so far I have. Helps most of the times it was in the country out in the boonies where the neighbors house isn't right on top of you.
Heck when I was growing up first getting interested in painting, the neighbor next door painted cars, he was an rm paint rep and later opened a bodyshop, One guy across the road and through the woods was a hobbiest and restored a muscle car for each of his 3 kids, as well as an elcamino for himself, and another neighbor ran a rod building shop behind his house. I've been living in the city now for about 7 years, and have painted a handfull of cars, and haven't had any problems. One side is highway, other side older couple who often take off on weekends. Haven't talked to them much in all the years, but when the old guy seen me working on cars, all he said as you did a nice job, it looks nice. Must of been his son that came up and talked to me once as well when I was doing the buffing after a paint job on one (think he owned a nice transam for awhile). A kid came over from there house once and asked me to weld the forks on his bike so he could make it a chopper. The older lady yells for him to quit bugging me, but I said it really isn't a problem. In turn I didn't complain when I've had to hear there grand kid try to play bass guitar, or when I had to work in a hot closed up garage, cause there chunky daughter was over at there place sun tanning. Heck there is a small body/mechanic shop right down the road, pretty sure another guy paints a few cars in his garage, and the other side of the highway is commercial.
I did have a guy from direct tv open the door and walk into the garage when I was in the middle of a paint job.That takes some balls. He's lucky he walked in after I was finished with base, and the owner had stopped by and was looking at it. If I would have been laying clear, I probably would have rang his neck. Then he goes, ohh you paint cars, I got such and such, whatever dude. The guy who checks the furnance every year also seen me working on something, and then when I'd see him out a bar occasionally, and he'd always talk about wanting his truck painted.
I've tried to keep the painting part quiet and do it real early in the morning and not work too late at night, but there have been times things did not go well and it ended up being a late night trash. I'd freak if a cop showed up like amanderson, I don't have a good past history with them. This saturday at my dads funeral, some old next door neighbors of ours growing up as kids stopped by to pay there respects.I use to babysit there kids. Talking to me and my brother, asking what we do now. Find out my brother installs flooring, and now he probably has a side job for them.