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misteryu 12-21-2004 03:27 AM

painting with torpedo heaters question

I know alot of people may have covered this previously but i couldn't find the exact answer.

My question is, do people paint with the torpedo heaters that they have for sale in Lowes/home depot that uses propane in the winter? I have a 2 car garage, home made booth with intake, and exhaust fan. Was planning on running some duct from outside with the heate filteredr to underneath the intake fan.

Also my main question is has anyone used slow reducer's and slow activators for clear even with this heater on, even with the outside temp being around 40 or below? Just preparing myself so i don't run into any problems. Spoke to a guy at my jobber who paints and he said he left the heater inside while he painted and no problems but wanted more opinions on this. I have no real choice and need to get this car painted in January. Thanks in advance.

mrcleanr6 12-21-2004 05:42 AM

painting in the winter months is rough. i think it was 15deg. here yesterday and at 10,000cfm my booth will suck all the heated air out of the building in minutes. painting with a heater is the only way to do it, atleast when you spray everyday. i think the anti spark/flame thing in the booth is a little overrated. i have a 200,000 btu torpedo heater that stays in the booth all the time, even when i spray. back before i was painting bikes and cars i sprayed alot of cabinetry in my garage with no ventilation and had one of those propane wall heaters. i remember a couple times when i could barely see my hand in front of my face and the heater was blazin away. i dont recommend a situation like this at all. i think back now that i must have been crazy but my booth now stays very clear when i spray. usually someone can be in there with me standing on the other side and barely smell the fumes. considering that the situation in my garage is worst case and nothing happened then now that i have the booth i dont worry about it. best thing is not only does it keep it somewhat warm in the booth while spraying, when your done you can bake your parts. if you blow yourself up dont come running to the hotrodders forum yelling mrclean told me to do it!! i'm sure alot of people will disagree but if you have good ventilation where you spray you'll be ok. i have been doing it everyday for years and not once had any kind of problem. as for your catalyst question, i usually use fast or normal in the winter months. only time i use slow is if for some reason i am applying more coats than normal and i plan on baking.

misteryu 12-21-2004 11:47 AM

THanks mrcleanr6-

If i blow up i don't think i'll be able to log in to the forum haha. I sure as hell hope nothing blows up b/c my bedroom is above the garage, etc.

Have you ever experienced solvent pop or anything like that when u were painting without ventilation? I have a box fan for the intake, and box fans at the other end sealed off and it works ok. Gonna be doing a full call but will be splitting my paint sessions into 2 to 3 days b/c the car is being painted dissassembled. Thanks

mrcleanr6 12-21-2004 12:05 PM

if you pile the clear on and then heat it up in there to bake it, you might have a problem with pop but you want to heat the garage up first to make all the parts warm. if you dont have great ventilation i would then turn the heater off, spray then turn it back on to warm things up. just warm up...thats all. let the clear set for a few hours to be safe then turn the heat back on to bake them if thats what you are going to do. just allow the clear plenty of time to flash, dont pile it on then bake it right away and you wont have a problem with solvent pop.

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