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cesar9 08-13-2005 04:25 PM

parts for a 1955 Mercury Monterey
hello guys:
i'm helping out a friend of mine look for parts for a '55 Mercury Monterey. We have searched every where and all we could find was 3 pictures on the internet. Does anybody know a place or a web site where we could find parts for it?
The parts that he needs are trim pieces, door handles, tail lights, knobs, etc.
By the way it is a four door, and he wants to restore it as stock as possible.
any help will be appreciated, thanks for your time.

redlightning 08-13-2005 05:12 PM

You might try to give this guy a pm.

KULTULZ 08-13-2005 06:37 PM


HOGFARMER 02-03-2006 07:54 PM

I have some 55 parts
Mostly takeoff from my 2 dr. W/post. but also have some Montclair, and Monterey parts.
has a large collection of parts for 49-56 mercs

Rick England 02-21-2006 04:09 PM

55-56 mercury
HI i used to have a 56 mercury 2 door sedan and have found most all parts from 55 to 56 ford or mercury will fit

comet boy 02-23-2006 09:47 PM

Try this site. Their magazines have tons of stuff. Give them a try.

home brew 02-23-2006 10:11 PM

parts for a 1955 Mercury Monterey
Have you tried here?,MERCURY,1955

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Porttownsend119 11-19-2012 05:50 PM

Hi cesar9,

I've replaced a lot of parts using Mac's Antique Auto Parts. But they didn't have the stainless steel trim or tail lights. I have a 55 Merc Monterey that I'm restoring - also a 4 door. Ended up buying a second one for $700 to get the fender, trim, radiator, bumpers, and tail lights. Mind you, no one seems to sell those parts besides people who have assortments of original parts and NOS (new old stock) that they're selling through eBay or forums like these. I figure in another 5-10 years, someone will start manufacturing them again. You can also get many of these parts off of a 55 Merc Montclair 2 or 4 door. And I know the fenders and headlight bezels/fender extensions are the same on the 56s. Hope this helps!

Porttownsend119 11-19-2012 05:51 PM

55 Mercury Parts
My Mercury

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