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jesse01 05-01-2005 02:31 PM

parts cleaning ideas???
what the best way to clean out the inside of a tpi plenum & runners????

I've tried degreeser & a rag

Don't laugh but i also tried:

letting it soak in the bathtub w/ dish washing soap like "Dawn"

lol, i even put it in the dishwasher (hope my 'ol lady don't come home any time soon...heheheh)

and it's still black & gritty on the inside :smash: :mad:

any of ya have any better ideas?? :thumbup:


1Fast65Elky 05-01-2005 02:53 PM

gasoline :confused: that stuff cleans my greasy parts...just dont light up a smoke. and be very careful.

jesse01 05-01-2005 03:01 PM

duhh! why didn't i think of that??

something so simple as gas. you know what? i use that stuff all the time at work to clean the "blackjack" (tar) off of my tools when it gets on 'em. i feel dumb now :embarrass

i would of figured it out when i went to work tom. :D

j :thumbup:

61bone 05-01-2005 03:14 PM

: :nono: You'r going to feel a lot dumber when you bang a couple wrenches together and it explodes in your face. Never use gas for anything but it's intended purpose (smokin tires). :)
Use a little electric contact cleaner to clean your flow sensor. Invest in a 5 gallon pail of regular non flammable parts cleaner for everthing else.

jesse01 05-01-2005 03:24 PM

its all apart in pieces i could just pour the gas in it & let it work it's way through all that crud & let it drain.

it shouldn't hurt anything. as long no cig's or flame is around. right? ;)

a tried some "heavy duty engine degreaser" and all that **** on the inside of it just laughed at it :) , it didn't phase it at all


61bone 05-01-2005 04:17 PM

it shouldn't hurt anything. as long no cig's or flame is around. right? ;)

Wrong :( Static from your clothes can set it off. Ever take your coat off and get zapped by the first thing you touch?. Any steel on steel contact can set it off. Ever drop a wrench on a conctete floor in the dark? They spark.Take it from a guy whose been there . Don't use gas for cleaning. Don't store it in an open container. If it's not in your gas tank, don't have it in you shop. Build a small ventilated box to keep it in outside. If gasoline were introduced as a fuel today it would never be approved because of it's highly volatle unstable nature.
:) If the crud is really that bad, get it media blasted, preferably with walnut shell. If you get it glass beaded in the runners, throw it away and buy a new one or scrub the runners with soap and hot water till your arms feel like they're about to fall off, the do it about twice that long again. The beads are killer if they get in your motor. Another thing you could do is get some carb cleaner and scrub with a wire brush. Don't forget eye and skin protection.

Hippie 05-01-2005 04:57 PM

Castrol's cleaner does a good job, so does brake cleaner. Best stuff was Hydro Seal carb cleaner by Gunk but you can't buy it anymore, seems it's main ingredient was methylene chloride....... bad stuff.

Everyone that stuck their bare hand in a bucket of it "real quick" to fish out a stray part raise their stump.........

poncho62 05-01-2005 05:22 PM

Besides the danger factor.......................gas is too expensive to waste these days. Get some kerosene or fuel least it won't blow up in your face.................burns more slowly.

jesse01 05-01-2005 06:04 PM

QUOTE]gas is too expensive to waste these days.[/QUOTE]

good point didn't think about that either :thumbup:


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