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Originally Posted by ChevroletSS View Post
Can you all help me out with what I will need to do a TBI to Carb conversion. Its on my chevy truck. I know I need: Braided fuel line, Fuel pressure regulator, HEI distributor, and I cant think of anything else besides carb and intake. As far a a regulator I have seen alot of different ones but I dont know which one to get. Can anyone help me out with a link to one.

Depends on year and transmission. For a stick no problem, for a 700R4/4L60 analog 4 speed automatic no problem, for the 4L60E (E for electronic) digital 4 speed automatic, 1993 in some cases and 1994 up in all cases it's a PIA to keep needed sensor data flowing to the tranny.

For the manual gear box or 700R4/4L60 automatic you will need an adjustable bypassing regulator to drop the fuel pressure to 4-6 psi. I know these regulators are expensive but by the time you fiddle the existing fuel system to accept a low pressure pump you'll spend this much or more and have to do a lot of plumbing and wiring work to boot, so the expensive regulator is the easy way through the problem of fuel pressure. by p****ing regulators prevent the pump from dead heading when the enigne is idleing preventing the electric pump from overheating Other than that you'll need a 4 barrel intake that bolts to the Swirl Port heads, the difference between these and older heads is just the angle the bolts make to the head's intake mounting surface pre 1987 use a 90 degree angle 1987 up use a 72 degree angle. Open the instrument cluster and remove the bulb from the check engine light. Hardwire the fuel pump relay to the ignition switch as the computer is looking for a tach signal to keep the fuel pump running, if you change the distributor to an older HEI (and who wouldn't in this case) there is no point to keeping the computer in the distributor loop so there will be no tach signal to the computer, so the hard wire gets around all that.

Note, this is NOT LEGAL to do anywhere in the U.S. while your state may not enforce Federal Law on emissions nor have emissions laws itself; it still is a Federal Law; so be aware of that.

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