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Originally Posted by ChevroletSS View Post
Nice..... Thats what I like to here. So is it a 700r4 or 4L60, Im gettin confused.

So all I should need is intake, carb, regulator, Some fuel line, HEI Distributor.

Can I use a manual choke or do I need Electric choke? Which one is better.
the 700R4 and 4L60 (no E) are the same transmission. The TH350 with a lock up converter was modified back in the early 1980's into a 4 speed overdrive with a lower ratio first gear. This provided more torque to be delivered to the rear axle from a stop with less throttle opening, thus better stop and go fuel mileage. For cruise they put in an overdrive 4th for better milage. Then they tended to chenage rear axle ratios from the 3 speed TH350 which tended to be in the 2.7-2.8 to 1 range to 3.08. This gave brighter acceleration during the mid gears of 2nd and 3rd, while the 80 something% overdrive dropped freeway cruise RPMs to or even less than the 2.73 ratio axle.

The ealy 700R4 had it's share of problems which were worked on year to year becoming pretty well solved by the 1987 production cycle. In 1990 they renamed their transmissions into a formate that explaned the number of gears (4), the positioning longitudinal (front to rear became L), 4L60 and a gross vehicle weight application of 6 times 1000 pounds or 6000 pounds designated as (6). These continued to be used in production till 1993 and 1994 where by model and time period in thoae years they were replaced by a redesigned version that is electronically contolled rather than using the classic differential modulated pressures that controlled automatics since their inception back in the late 1930's.

So the new version of the 4L60 acquired the suffix (E) to show that it is the same transmisison structurally as the 700R4/4L60 but is now controlled electronically by the vehicle's computer. So we end up with the 4L60E which has continued on to become the 4L65E which uses a seperated bolt-on bell housing and other changes that uprate its use by 500 pounds, so it is rated for a GVW of 6500 pounds.

The transmission you have gives a lot of flexability to make engine and rear axle changes that are more difficult and expensive to do the "E" electronically contolled versions.

All right, I have an appontment at 4:30 PST so I'm out of here.

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