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Pinion Angle? again?

Hmm , Good Readin . My understandin was 4 -6 Deg. But on the one I just set up I went 4 Deg. Reason was Jackin Differential up I spun the tire's . Watched the Drive line .
Way I watched the drive line was with 2 Pointers . << welded the Pointers too Adjustable , Jack stand's . Put um 1/8 inch away . Spun the Tire's .
4 Deg. Just looked better, Was straighter . But Just looked right .
As in I played with it for hour's .
Cant' really explain what I mean , By it just looked right . But It just looked like what I imagined a Drive shaft would spinn like . << Has a look too it !

Way I set mine was with Motor Looose Hangin on Cherry Picker, and Tranny Loose . Then I used A metal bar too tack weld the engine too the frame , Various posistions . Same with Tranny .
I used A chalk line On Flatt concrete For center Line . Then a Frameing Sqaure on Center Mark of the Crank Pulley, off of chalk line .
I used a Lil plastic degree pointer compass from the rear of the differential houseing . And a Level on both motor , and the Differential, cross way's .
I tried 3 Deg. Too 6 Deg. Various Height's and Level's of engine and tranny .
4 Deg. Looked right . I probably studied on it 2 -3 Day's, playin with Various posistion's . Came up with 4 degree's .

But Im no expert ? Done few set up's before , Jethro style ?
Seemed too work out . As in No vibration's .
One I just did ? I wont ever get a see it Runn Probably ? Guy I did it for ? I had too runn off . Was an idiot . AKA Druggy/ drunk !

But, I like Henry's Precise Explanation . Just wonderin here If we could gett a Step by Step Instruction . On how too set one up ?
But think If you Jack differential up . Spinn the Tires Watch Drive line ?
You will see what I mean . By just look's right ! What you would imagine , in your head a drive line would spinn like ?

But Im interested in how , the expert's do it . Refine my Technique , a lil better . Take a more proffessional aproach , to it . A step by step , on how too set a Motor and trans and Diff , At the right Pinion angle . Mostly I started out Studying on my Ford Truck's ? << Kinda Copied it and , Made kidds push it up and down the drive way, couple 100 times, while I watched, Drive line ? Way Ive Done it . Seem's too work out ? But then again, me and Jethro is 1st Cousin's ?

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