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St8smn 05-01-2012 05:32 AM

Pipe works Car Show 2012
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Gday Fellow Rodhotters!

This is my first post. Thank you to for the chance to display my photos, Also thank you to everybody that cast's an eye over the photos.
I have a passion for Aussie cars and Yank Tanks or "American Cars!!. A Buick Riveria would be my favourite cars at the moment. Soon I will meet her and she will pose for me!.

I have posted a couple of pictures from a selection of automobiles on display at the Pipe works Car show.

1. 32 Ford Coupe - 351
2. XC Ford GT - 351 1974
3.HQ GM Holden GTS Monaro - 350 1971
4. FJ GM Holden Sedan. 1949-1951

St8smn 05-02-2012 12:55 AM

Pipe works Car Show 2012
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Gday Gurus !

Ive posted some more photos of the car show for your viewing pleasure.

Job~Rated 05-02-2012 09:36 AM

Nice work!

I really like the Australian styling.

St8smn 05-03-2012 01:18 AM

Pipe works Car Show 2012
GDay Kustom Kings!

Ive posted a few more photos - -

Previous Post car List-
XC 1973 Ford Coup ( aussie ) 351 ci
XC 1973 Ford 4 Door Sedan 302ci
HQ GMH 1971 GTS Monaro 4 Door 350ci
XF Falcon 4 Door 351ci

St8smn 05-06-2012 06:33 AM

aussie vs american is there a difference
Im the same , i like the american long/bling/power style. Of which we have little here in aus. A small snapshot of australian car history - *taken from reader

In May 1950, when the cheapest car in Australia was the Ford Anglia tourer at £483 [$19 160], Lawrence Hartnett announced that he hoped to sell a ‘people’s car’ for £416 [$16 500].

Hartnett, an English-born engineer, arrived in Australia in 1934 to take charge of General Motors-Holden’s (GMH). He was largely responsible for the creation of the Holden car, but he left GMH in 1947 after a disagreement with his American principals. One of the main reasons was his insistence that the Holden be Australian in character and design.

The four-seater Hartnett was designed by the French designer J. A. Gregoire. Four test cars were built and shipped to Australia where they were tested on some of the toughest roads. The cars had an aluminium-alloy chassis, a two-cylinder, 4.5-kilowatt engine and a top speed of 115 kilometres per hour. Two thousand Hartnetts were ordered, but only 125 were produced before the project collapsed. There were two causes for the failure – the Victorian Government withdrew concessions it had promised, and the Commonwealth Engineering Company broke its contract to supply panels.

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