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Planning on buying a 4 post lift and a new compressor, Suggestions?

I am planning on buying a four post lift in the next few weeks, I have done a bit of research and I'm still not sure which lift I will be buying but I have been looking into this one Atlas Lift I also plan on buying the jack with it. I was looking into a 2 post lift but I have decided that I will need something I can move around my shop. Do any of you have opinions on this lift or have you owned one? I'd also be happy with your opinion on different 4 posts if you have one. I'll be using it to store my 72 Nova and also using it to work on it. I have heard plenty about buying a 2 post instead of a 4 if I am using it to work on a car but I have a really hard time giving up the mobility of the 4 post.

The other item I will be buying is an air compressor, I plan on purchasing this one Here same question as the lift, any of you have this thing? Or do you have suggestions on a different better compressor around this price?

My final question is how in hell do you unload a 4 post lift without a forklift? I have an engine hoist and a rinky dink HF dolly and I can possible get my hands on a pallet jack but there's no way I can get a forklift. This is going in my shop in the backyard of my house, any ideas?
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