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hlweyl 09-19-2004 10:29 AM

Please evaluate my car (pics included)... paint or sell as is?
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Hi all, I've owned this car(1967 Camaro) for 4 years now. My dilemna is this: should I sell the car as is or paint it first? I didn't have much luck last year when I tried to sell it as is. A couple guys in their early 20's offer in the $6k range and didn't have much muscle car knowledge.

I know how much has been put into the car. Engine professionally rebuilt, block sent out to machine shop, all internals magnafluxed. Block is 4 bolt main, turbo 350 trans with B&M shifter kit, double roller timing chain, edelbrock heads and intake, crane cam, demon carb, mallory unilite dist, MSD coil, new plugs/wires (MSD), new starter, new altenator, new battery cables, new main engine wiring harness, new battery/battery tray, 4 core radiator, new 3/8" fuel line and sending unit, 10-bolt posi 3.73 gears, new carpet, several new interior parts (ash tray, rear package tray, seat cover, etc), all new seat belts including racing harness up front.

Almost every engine part has been painted/ reconditioned. 99% of the resto parts have come from Year One and I have ALL the receipts. New motor has about 4000 miles on it and has not been raced. The previous owner claims 12.0's in the 1/4 and I haev no reason to doubt that.

Now I know I will not get all my money out of the car, but I think that $6k is very low for this car. It is not a numbers matching car though. Any ideas on current value?

I think the problem is from the outside, the car is pretty much an ugly duckling. Weatherstripping is all rotten, flat black primer, need body work here and there, small spot of rust on driver's sill, etc. I checked 4 reputable body shops in my area and noone will paint it, they all said they don't do resto work and they are too busy with collision work. The only other option is maybe try to do the body work myself and get a cheapie paint job or sell it as is.

So to sum up, 2 questions: what is the current value and should I sell it as is or throw a cheapie resale red paint job on it?

Thx in advance (pics to follow)
This last one is prior to rebuild, notice rusty headers.

advanced design 09-19-2004 10:58 AM

Don't think I could guess on a price on the car - haven't kept up with Camaro's lately. As for painting it, that would probably draw more potential buyers. Pretty things draw attention. However, I would prefer to buy the Camaro still needeing paint than with a cheapie paint job. The primer condition would allow me to have the work completed in a quality fashion. Guess which way to go depends on the buyer.

Most collision shops do just that, bang out the insurance jobs. Don't know about your area but around here there are a number of individuals who work on the side. Ask around for a contact or reference.

That is a very nice looking Camaro and can tell you've put a lot of work and money into it. Too bad you won't be finishing and enjoying it for awhile.

Ghetto Jet 09-19-2004 04:08 PM

You better off not having it painted, many people like the option of getting to have it painted the color they want, rather than the one someone else did. I can't give you honest value, I would guess $7000.

Deuce 09-19-2004 06:14 PM


Well it is the sad facts of life that modified unfinished Camaros (and others) DO NOT bring the money at sale time.

If the Camaro was could have a line of potential buyers.

BUT a lot of folks who want a hopped up ride, want to do it themselves OR do not trust others selection of parts and workmanship. More even believe they can build it better for less. The car looks good and straight and with the should go good too.

In my area, Camaros are HOT

Your car would be in the 8 to 9 grand range around here............BUT you have to find someone with the CA$ financing for a car that old ;) .........and most of the rodders want to bees have a cash flow problem.


adtkart 09-19-2004 06:44 PM

Basically you have 2 choices. Try again to sell it the way it is, or have a GOOD paint job done and try for top dollar.

Although you may get lucky to locate someone that really wants that model car, that is set-up that way, and willing to pay good money for it, it may take some time. A cheap paint job will cheapen up the car, and likely will lower the sale price from what you can get without it.

dinger 09-19-2004 11:57 PM


Basically you have 2 choices. Try again to sell it the way it is, or have a GOOD paint job done and try for top dollar.
You've got a lot of money tied up in the drive train and like Deuce says:

BUT a lot of folks who want a hopped up ride, want to do it themselves OR do not trust others selection of parts and workmanship. More even believe they can build it better for less
It's going to be tough to sell like it is for what you'd like to get. I'd pull that engine and put in a wrecking yard engine, save any speed parts you can, you can probably still get 4-5 grand for the car. Dan

Wmarden 09-20-2004 01:23 AM

Try ebaying it with a decent reserve. That way you have a wider variety of buyers.

hlweyl 09-20-2004 06:29 AM

Thx for the suggestions. Putting a high dollar paint job on it is pretty much out of the question. One body shop gave me an estimate starting at $6000, and said that would be only a starting price and it probably would go up at least another $1000. He also said that he currently would not have the time to do such a job. So I guess I will sell it as is.

I hear there are so many ebay scams that I'm a little skeptical about selling it there, but I'm sure I would get more looks. Last time I tried Autotrader and the local paper. I would get guys calling asking a bunch of questions then when they found out I'm in Maryland they would hang up.

Last year I was asking $7800. Do you think that is way too high?

killerformula 09-20-2004 02:49 PM

I would paint it. By not painting it you're trying to attract two different crouds in an ineffective manner. One crowd wants to do it yourself. But you've already got the motor done and it only needs paint... They're going to want to know what went into the motor, and will wonder why you want to sell it. Then there are the guys who really don't know to do that much, but will see the paint, the chrome and the pretties and want to buy it, thinking you've spent years building it.

I would paint it, and sell it to a doctor.


hlweyl 09-20-2004 04:50 PM

Killer you make a very good point! A guy who wants to restore a 67 Camaro doesn't want to buy it because the engine is already done. (as dinger pointed out maybe pulling the engine would be better). Yet, someone who wants a good "driver" doesn't want to buy it because it has no paint.

Well, pulling the engine is out of the question because 1) I don't have the time 2) A recent accident with 8 broken bones makes it nearly impossible to tie my shoes, much less pull an engine. I really do appreciate all the advice from my fellow gearheads.

At this point I'm considering either: sell it on ebay AS IS to test the waters with a reserve about $7500 which I think is a fair price (even though I still lose about 3 thousand) OR throw a cheapie paint job on it and some SS badging and jack the price up accordingly. A complete car with paint sure would attract more buyers.

wally 09-21-2004 08:02 AM

Opinion only dont'get jacked off

But prices of cars is really what the buyer wants to pay. Both Cameros and Mustangs can be valuable if you don't mind sitting on them a while. But remember this just because it is a Camero or a Mustang does not guarantee its value. The 67s were not most desireable. It appears to me its a very plain jane car that is not one of the valuable models. Remember the 67 was the beginning and it was really an economy special not a hot rod. Spending bucks on engines is fine if your buyer is into engines.
You need to contact a Camero expert...i.e. the guy in my neighborhood has several and knows their most valuable ones. In your area there has got to be one.

I would take off all the expensive engine and add ons, put in a clean 327 and paint it. Then you won't be insulted at the current offers and can either sell the engine sperately or build another car.

It really bothers me that so many people are led to believe just because its older or has Camera/Mustang or what ever its valuable you gotta know what is worth building before you build it.

prime example if this are the 55-56-57 Chevys people think they are valuable but only certain models like convertables and nomads are worth hauling home.

Think about what you would want. Look around some; asking prices are always just that asking. Perhaps your current offers are just right..I certainly would not pay much for a 67...but an item with hide away headlights, yenco flags, is worth looking at.

VWFan 09-21-2004 11:16 AM

Hey Wally! Another Coloradoan! Cool!

As for the Camaro, I think you have a decent ride on your hands, but I found from experience that the Maryland Area (I lived in D.C. for a while) is not a great market for selling muscle cars. I picked up a '70 Mustang Mach 1 with 351C for $2000.00 up there and it was in really nice shape to restore to original condition. I think it would have gone for close to $5-6000.00 out here. I don't think your asking price of $7800.00 is out of the ballpark by any means, but the area you are trying to sell in is tough. I agree with most of the posts so far, either bite the bullet and paint it GOOD, or pull the drivetrain and sell it for less....

Seems like a nice car to finish....I would.

MRGM 09-28-2004 04:03 PM

i would but that thing on ebay. there are no listings that i can see for a 67 camero.
just to test the waters that is. paint would be very important. but 6000 is kinda pricey for a decent paint job, unless there is a lot of body work. paint it white with red strips. so the body flaws do not stick out that much. make it a 10 footer. sell at a daily driver. just tell them what is wrong with it, be honest and you should see your money back.

N8PHU 10-24-2004 10:51 AM

The rule I live by when building a street rod is:
"You will never get the money back that you puy into it"

Don't paint it. I think it would be more attractive to a buyer who could get it painted the color they want...

I too live in MD (Bowie ),

stugots 11-17-2004 05:57 PM

dont sell
dont sell it waite it will be worth alot in the future

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