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greasertom 04-20-2011 07:48 PM

Please point me in the right direction??
I was just hoping someone can point me in the right direction of metal forming tools. Ive done HVAC for 2 years so I have a BASIC understanding of sheet metal. But nowhere near what I would like to know.
This is all going to be a learning process so I just want to buy some tools that will help me begin and go from there.
What should I buy 1st 2cn 3rd etc.?
Thank you very much!

mud bros 04-20-2011 07:59 PM

this would be my dream garage.




OneMoreTime 04-20-2011 08:13 PM

You will need a stump and some hammers, a tucking fork, sand bag and a thick piece of steel for a hammering table about a foot square. some shears that you own and go from there..the tools required are real simple.

And get a couple of books on the subject and do not be intimidated by the guys who say you need a bunch of fancy metal forming tools to do anything..


evolvo 04-20-2011 09:02 PM

#1 tool

timothale 04-20-2011 09:53 PM

tin knocking.
I took a class from Ron Covell, I was amazed that he took a sheet of aluminum and a sand bag and started beating on it. It had a bunch of lumps, he then worked it on his english wheel to smooth it out to get the compound curve. I had always tried to gradually work to the shape I needed. an old soft leather purse filled with sand works almost as good as an expensive beating bag filled with buckshot. Check out Cboys build threads here on this site, He has a lot of good how he did his cars I took a panel fab class at UVU. Check out one of the students build. google "chris davenport 40 willys "

tech69 04-21-2011 02:04 PM

I agree with what Sam is saying. Buying a bunch of fancy stuff before trying it can be a waste of money. Get the basics and learn metal with basic hand tools.

I'd also add:

shrinking disk (requires buffer)

tear drop mallets( I got a good one from harbor freight and shaved the head nearly flat. The best hammer I have. I have both sized they offer)

palm nailer (make your own bits)

ear muffs

a slapper. I don't have one but use a dinging spoon. Will probably get a slapper soon though. Hear a lot of things about them.

Here's a pic of some 1947 fenders after one round with a palm nailer on shot bag and then shrinking with a disc. At this time I was still figuring out the best procedure but was amazed with how good it got with one round. I guess it's easy for me to sit here and say "it could have been perfect had I repeated the process" but I don't know that but I did feel if I repeated it would have made a huge difference. Just not sure how close to perfect I could have gotten due to time but it's a start in that direction.

greasertom 04-25-2011 04:26 PM

wow thank you guys so much for all your help. i think ill start with the teardrop mallets< dollys and beater bags before goin to the powered stuff. thanks again!

tech69 04-25-2011 10:14 PM

I'd like to ad shop vise too. A brake would be nice but I just used a vise at first. I actually made pieces for this in a vise. If you look closely it has a compound curve. Not sure if that would be possible in a brake. As you can see I did it in sections so the compound curve would be possible. Obviously the next section would be the rust you see on the right.

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