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The pledge is fine. Nothing wrong with it.
What IS wrong is that our government is 100% corrupt.

There is a government behind our government that pulls the strings. An elite ruling class. A bloodline. An aristocracy of purpose.
The "people" no longer have representation.
The 1% movement is actually on the right track, but the truth is more like 5%.

5% takes it all, and locks-out the other 95%.
Elite bloodlines who have wealth and power want to ensure they will maintain the wealth and control. They own banks, corporations, media conglomerates, oil companies, AND..... you guessed it: the political system.

What you see on TV is controlled by them. Most of what you read in newspapers is controlled by them. We live in a filter-bubble.

The awakened ones, refer to "them" as THE PTB. ( Powers That Be )
They are evil, corrupt psychopaths bent on deception, greed, and enslaving the masses.

The world you "think" you live in.... is an illusion.
An illusion that has been carefully designed by highly intelligent thinkers who work for the "masters".

ALSO remember this: NOTHING happens by chance or coincidence.
Nothing is a random accident. Everything is part of their master plan.
Think about that for awhile.

You think I am a conspiracy nut? Sure... that's exactly what "they" want you to think. Don't believe a word I say. Do your own research. Question everything. Look deeper.
Most people don't. They totally accept whatever lies they are spoon-fed by the mass-media propaganda machine.
Live your lives in ignorant bliss if that is your choice.
Many people can't handle the truth. It is what it is.
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