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dusterbd 11-13-2002 01:18 PM

poly lower control arm bushings
ok, i havent found anyone to answer this yet, so im resorting to asking the all powerful gods of wisdom and knowledge. (hey, a little gratuitous butt kissing never hurt anyone....)

ive put a full poly kit from energy suspension under the front of my duster. did it exactly as the directions said to, so i know that part is right. also, ive checked the seating of my torsion bars, the tightness of all the bolts, everything i could think of to check. it all checks out fine. the problem is this:
theres about 1/2 to 1 inch if space in the lower control arm bushing. it's not slop, its lateral movement, like where the big *** bolt goes from the center of the bushing through the k-frame, and the other end of the bushing where it mounts into the lower control arm. the big bolts tight, but the bushing "head" isnt seated against both parts of the suspension piece. is got space.
its doing this on both sides, and it almost kind of worries me. id like to know if its safe, or if i should be worried. also, what could cause it? ive checked everything i can think of. so you guys tell me if this is normal or not.

KULTULZ 11-13-2002 03:03 PM

Did the stock bushings have a steel insert with a washer type head on it? Did the replacement?

I have noticed on some applications, that you are to remove and reuse these sleeves.

How much movement is in the lower arms? Did the front end tech say anything about the movement when aligned?

I would call their tech line first thing in the morning and see what they say.

bullheimer 11-13-2002 03:19 PM

ditto, on their truck body mounts you are supposed to re-use some of the factor hardware, i didn't because i couldn't see how it fit. (i used their 79 chevy set up on my 55 and put it together ala 55 specs. which didn't include the 79 hardware obviously).i'm no rod building genius but my cab is solid and vibration free. but i think you have a problem that should be addressed before you drive the car.sounds like way too much play

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