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I'm going to order up 4.10's from summit. That is as high as I'm willing to go. I'll keep the short stickys for the track and 28's for the road. I'm looking for a th350 or 400 trans, shifter, and a 3500 stall. I've done some more playing around with a dynamic CR calculator. With a .040 overbore, 72cc heads, slugs .026 in the hole, and a gasket .015 thick w/ 4.100 bore my static compression is about 10.2. Now calculating... (more like a total estimation imho) the intake closing ABDC seems to be controversial. I did not add the 15 degrees or so that is often suggested. Assuming I use the 248/252 cam Fbird88 suggested my math looked something like this. The advertised intake duration is 276, you divide this number by 2, 276/2 = 138. Take 138 and add the LSA to it, 138+106 = 244. Take 244 and subtract the sum of 180 and the ground in cam advance. I believe this cam is ground straight up so. 244 - (180 + 0)= 64. So my intake valve would close 64 deg ABDC. Plug this in to a calculator at the lowest altitude the car will see at 2800ft, and presto i get a DCR of 7.68. Did I do this right? With a quench of .041 and aluminum heads woud it run just fine on 91?
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