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Originally Posted by 66GMC View Post
Sorry, I disagree ... on both counts ... unless "a few" means all the fingers on both hands

1.) To buy a "hobby" 140A GAS mig welder at Canadian Tire is at least $500.00.
Buying a used flux-core (gasless) wire-feed welder would be a mistake, too. You can't do a decent job on sheet metal with one of those.

2.) I can't see a darn thing wrong with using the correct type of panel adhesive on sheet-metal *provided* that its not a structural body component(i.e. rocker panel) That Norton Speedgrip stuff can be sanded, primed and painted ... and I've never heard of any "shrinkage" problems with it either. Around a door handle? Well maybe ... that repeated flexing *might* cause seperation, but I sincerely doubt it.

This notion of "a patch panel blowing off your car at highway speeds" is pure nonsense, IMO, unless you're using Elmer's white glue or sumpthin'

This article dicusses some of testing that has been done: Putting the Metal to the Metal

If anyone has any info to the contrary, please post it to this thread for discussion.
I have no worries about it "blowing off" or not being strong enough. Did you look at the OP's pics?

He mentions making the panels himself. I'm pretty sure that they are not going to fit so perfect that they won't need major planishing and adjustments with a hammer and dolly. I just can't see doing that after the glue has set.

As for the welder, I bought one about 10 years ago at CT for 300 bucks. If they're 500 bucks now CT is doing OK as the price of the cheap stuff has been coming down since then.

Sometimes, one should consider a tool a "must have" same as one of the parts for the car and include it in the build cost.

Just my 2 cents.

To the OP.
If you're going to glue on patch panels at the headlight area, make sure they are fitting in a way that they don't need adjustments after gluing. Use tapping screws to install the panels prior to gluing to make sure there are no spots sticking up higher than the surrounding metal. Of coarse the patch will stick up up higher unless it can be installed from the back.
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