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Hi- I've now done two complete frame-ups using POR-15, and I've got some very interesting results that they don't want you to know...<br>&nbsp;<br>

First, let me tell you, I've read a report from some company that Eastwood carries, that supposedly outperforms POR-15, and I'd believe it (couldn't be much worse). I don't recall the name of the product, but I'd think about checking out and look for the technote on rustproofing (I have NOT tried this stuff yet). See:

Now, my results show decent performance on metals that have been blasted (I use aluminum-oxide), especially THICK metals like frames or wheel drums. But it really blows on anything sheet-metal related (shrinkage over time). I found that completely following their application recommendation (descale, then use Marine-Clean degreaser, then use Metal-Ready etcher, then cover with POR-15) does no better long-term than if you skipped all that to begin with!<br>&nbsp;<br>

I've tried "pouring" POR-15 into places like blind frame joints or in-between inner and outer fenders. It doesn't work, in-fact it probably causes the metal to rust underneath the paint quicker from trapped moisture. I've also tried their recommendation, "use POR-15 as resin... mix your fiberglass cloth in it." The "resin" method does work, but it's nothing I'd ever admit in public to.<br>&nbsp;<br>

Finally, I recommend one of the following:<br>
Try the eastwood stuff yourself<br>
Use a high-quality epoxy primer from Dupont or PPG (I'm certified as a Dupont Chroma Refinisher, so I'm partial to Dupont)<br>
You completely sandblast the metal (increasing the metal's surface-area), use the Metal-Ready etcher, wash-off the etcher, then BRUSH (don't spray, it has to be thinned to spray, causing even more shrinkage 3-months from now) on the POR-15.<br>&nbsp;<br>

For the record, I've sprayed it, don't even think about it (shrinkage, plus the fumes are unbelievable), because it's no-where near as durable as a brush. Lastly, keep in mind that you'll have to "paint the paint" if the POR-15 is ever to be exposed to sunlight. I did a front radiator support on a '90 Chevy pickup with it, and I had white-chalk instead of the black POR-15 within 3-months (and the radiator support never saw direct sunlight).<br>&nbsp;<br>

Ooooh, almost forgot... I've used the POR15 engine paint on two engines now... THAT stuff is actually pretty good, and bullet-proof. I did some accessories (like pulleys and accessory-holders plus heads and intake. That stuff did real well.<br>&nbsp;<br>

Hope it helps! -Kustomizer
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