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About ten years ago I tried POR-15 on my frame. Blasted it and prepped it as per directions. Sprayed it from a gun thinning with inexpensive lacquer thinner. (This was before POR-15 offered their own thinner. At that time they recommended lacquer thinner, but now they recommend their own proprietary thinner for spraying.) Top coated with enamel. And note that you MUST apply the top coat during the POR-15 cure time period or the top coat will eventually peel off as it does not get good adhesion over cured POR-15. The results were excellent and the frame looks as good today as it did when first applied. That said, there were a few problems. First, I ran out of time and could not finish the job the first day. I let some POR paint mixed with thinner sit in the gun overnight and finished spraying the next day. I thought it would be OK but after several days the area which I painted on the second day was still tacky and remains so today. So I would recommend that if you thin the paint then use it immediately of discard it. Second, it is a bear to clean up the spray gun, your hands, and anything else which gets messy, so follow the directions carefully and clean up any spills, your spray gun, your hands, etc., BEFORE the POR-15 cures. Third, it should be emphasized that POR-15 is not something which should be used as a temporary coating on parts which you plan on doing more work on later. You cannot sand it and touch it up as you would in the case where for example you wanted to do some more welding on the part later. It just won't work. For example, one time my car broke down and I had to call a ramp truck. The operator hooked his loading chain onto one of the shock moounting brackets. After he finished unloading and removed the hook, the POR-15 coating was torn. I touched it up but could never blend it in as could be done with a regular paint. I would have liked to try powder coating but the equipment was too expensive at that time. Now I will probably try powder coat on my next frame job as the tools and equipment are now available to do powder coating at home.
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