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ported vacuum vs. manifold vacuum

hi everyone, i've been doing alot of reading on ported vs manifold vacuum. i've also checked out some of the old posts here on the site. from what i understand, the only difference is at idle. is this correct? i've always used manifold, however i keep finding fuel in the hose on manifold. i was thinking of changing to ported until i can find out how the fuel is getting in the mainfold port.

i've recently tried to re-curve my distributor, but haven't really been getting the numbers i expected. i've set my initial timing at 20* which the car seems to like. and i've adjusted the vacuum canister to limit my vac advance. however, my mechanical timing has 2 issues. 1: no matter what combo of weights and springs i use, timing is all in by 2000 rpm. from what i've read, this is too early. i was shooting for 2800-3000 rpm. 2: it doesn't appear as though i am getting any more that about 16* mechanical adv. again, i was expecting to see 18*-20* mechanical. the only real difference i've seen trying different combos with the springs and weights has been the actual numbers between idle and full advance, which is really only about 1000 rpm. any thoughts on this?
thanks for your time.
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