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Last Chance Auto 02-17-2011 06:29 PM

Porter cable DA sander
You guys will not believe this ! My son and I are restoring an 69 MGB and this past weekend and one of us left the electric da sander plugged in ,well sometime between Sunday and this morning the sander cut on and burned a three inch hole in the floor of the trunk ,only a few inch's from the gas tank .My son in law went to the shop and heard the sander running ? We could have burned the shop up and everything in it ! How dumb can we be ? I blamed it on Jr. Please un plug all electric power tools when you leave for the day !

ant_8u 02-17-2011 06:38 PM was definitely your son
Remember, stick to your story and no one will be any the wiser ;)

BTW - I'm currently building a '71 Triumph GT6

Is your MG the chrome bumper model?
They're niiiiice

Last Chance Auto 02-19-2011 08:29 PM

Porter cable Da sander
Yes The MG is a chrome bumper one ,it had a slight crash in the rear ,but very little rust .It's looking good except for the new hole in the boot floor .I have several more Brit cars ,100-6 58 model ,a basket case and two Austin Sprites 67 and a 65 model ,the 67 was stored inside for 30 years ,it's nice but it's for sale when I finish . I gave Jr.the MGB it's going to Cape Hatteras NC when it's done .I worked for Rover two years in NC while in Auto school .

ant_8u 02-19-2011 08:51 PM

I can't even begin to tell you how jealous I am

I'd love to have just one Austin one day

Last Chance Auto 02-20-2011 07:16 PM

Porter cable Da sander
You can still find the Sprites, MGB's and Migets here in the states but the big healys are getting very expensive ..The 67 sprite is going back to the owner if he can step up a little on the price when it's finished .I want to get a TR-6 I can drive and not Baby .I am getting bigger and the MGB's and sprites are too small for me and I am getting old too and my knees don't bend so good .The 100-6 is going too take a lot of money to fix ,I need to win the lotto on that one . I had a Morris Minor in the 60's and a 58 Alfa in the 70's ,that car would run ! But it was a rust bucket . Collecting parts for a 34 Ford truck ,almost have enough ! I loved the GT-6 ,that was a fast car too ,still some in the states .

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