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akm 04-13-2006 03:33 PM

possible sale to a guy in Australia?
I posted an ad in the classified section for our 67 mustang convertible not too long ago, and last night I got a phone call from a guy in Australia who seems very interested in buying the car.
We talked a while, I gave him my e-mail addy and he e-mailed me his so that I could send some more detailed pictures.
He also wrote in the e-mail that he wanted me to show proof that I'm not a scammer by showing him some sales that I've made out of state.......... The thing is, I haven't made any sales out of state!

My question is, what is a good SAFE way to let this guy know that I am legit.. and what should I watch out for when it comes to dealing with people out of country?

Thanks Aaron

akm 04-13-2006 03:44 PM

Also, do you think my pictures are detailed enough?

I just want this to go by as smooth as possible..

1ownerT 04-13-2006 03:45 PM

Why do you have to prove anything to him?
If he is interested he needs to hire someone stateside to come and inspect.

akm 04-13-2006 03:59 PM


Originally Posted by 1ownerT
Why do you have to prove anything to him?
If he is interested he needs to hire someone stateside to come and inspect.

You have a point, but if I were in the same situation, I would like to know as well..

1ownerT 04-13-2006 04:10 PM

I am not trying to be a smart a-s, you have the car listed, you have provided pics, I don't see where you could do much more. If there is something in the pictures you provided that they have a problem with, you could take more detailed pictures. If I were them and really wanted the car I would hire someone, (an appraiser?) to look over the car, send me a report, deal from there. Being your in Texas it should be easy to get a shipping container dropped at your place, have the hired inspector watch the loading of the container and send it to the nearest port.
My parents neighbor sold an old Caddy to someone in England, it is fairly common.

BarryK 04-13-2006 04:23 PM

He also wrote in the e-mail that he wanted me to show proof that I'm not a scammer by showing him some sales that I've made out of state.......... The thing is, I haven't made any sales out of state!

My question is, what is a good SAFE way to let this guy know that I am legit.. and what should I watch out for when it comes to dealing with people out of country?

Thanks Aaron[/QUOTE]

************************************************** *

Now I hate to be cynical but my first impression was get you to prove your honest so your not thinking he is dishonest.
You will know its a scam when he agrees to full price without hiring an inspection your car and wants an account number to wire you the money.

You can cut to the chase and email this guy and say the only way I will sell is letter of credit from bank with check and when it clears you can have car picked up.
This will seperate the men from the boys real quick!

I have bought many of Mercedes parts from Germany and this is common protocol.

By the way for under $20 he can have you the letter of credit with check in 48 hours, the excuse they like to use is mail will take forever.

jcarter 04-13-2006 04:50 PM

I have purchased a couple of vehicles in the USA and imported them to Canada.US customs " requires" a 72 hour title search on any such vehicle before it leaves the USA to determine if it is stolen or has any liens, etc. on it.I had the sellers fax me a copy of the title, which I faxed to US customs well ahead of time, got clearance from them, so had no concerns.I only live 60 miles from the border so it was easy.You could contact Customs for him, or help him with the exportation . That should ease his concerns, and I wouldn't load the container till I had money in fist from him.

ChevyTruckGuy 04-13-2006 05:06 PM

I can't see the whole car with the pics you have. I see a bunch of parts a different shots I can't tell what you got base on the pics.
As far as doing a deal with someone out of state. That is something I would look in to. But one thing for sure you can't ship it with out full payment. I think the other guy need to have what you are selling inspected first before you doing any thing else the inspector guy can verify you are the owner and there is a clear title and even take pic for the guy.
As far as your number of out of state sales is not an issues. Hes asking to find out if you have ever sold out of state. So before talking to the guy you need to find out what you need to do to ship out of state. I would say call a shipping company.


ChevyTruckGuy 04-13-2006 05:29 PM

There you go call customs I bet the could tell you everything you need to know. I'm sure there is a process. with do's and don'ts


ChevyTruckGuy 04-13-2006 06:05 PM

Did a Google search for us customs and at the top click on exports and then shipping a car and it tell you everthing you need to know.


Rob Keller 04-13-2006 07:31 PM

I know there are a few guys that have bought & shipped rides to Ozland some even have there cars shipped from Oz to the US & back just so they can drive & show them here.

Try going to & asking there too.

They are a cool bunch of guys.

Just dont let them talk you into wearing a sheep's costume :D

There has to be a car service that does just that

R :thumbup:

docvette 04-13-2006 08:58 PM

Doc here, :pimp:

Another way of doing business, Is have both the title and Money's Held in an Escrow Account, and overseen by an attorney..

Just like a home sale, nether the title nor the money can be released until both agree to the terms of sale and reciept of delivery..But both must be in the account before the transaction can proceed.

Doc :pimp:

akm 04-13-2006 10:15 PM

This is his latest e-mail.... It seems a little fishy to me.. There is no way in HELL I'm sending my account info!

So what should I say in response to this?


G'Day Aaron,

Thank you very much for your emails. I think we have a deal !! I have downloaded all the pictures and I'm ok with what I've seen. I've also forwarded the link to my panel guy who did all the panel and paint work on my current 67 convertible (a show winner just quietly, but it looked just like this one when I got it). I'll let you know if there are any other specific areas that I'd like you to photograph.

The car does look fairly complate. The engine air filter says it's a 302, but I though you add text says it was a 289 so if you could confirm that one point, that would be great. Tell me again about the hostory of the engine, I am a little concerned about the engine, it's look VERY sad in that picture. Do you have the carby for it? do you know if the engine was running or anything about it's general condition?

Also, could you please email me back with the VIN number and door tag number if they are still on the door and still readable.

I can tranfer you through a deposit for the car to consider it sold and get moving with things. Send me your bank account details, including Bank Name, Bank Street Address, Bank Account number, and Bank Routing number and account name. Trust me I NEED ALL this bank information to make payments from Australia. I could send the deposit via PayPal if you want? We agree then on USD$4500.00 + shipping with clear title, yes? I'm guessing you'd like 10% deposit then? I suppose that once you have the title and you can scan it or photograph it (cuz it's need to be a very good readable copy) and I have the VIN number, I can get my import approval a happening. So as for final payment I'll get you to pay for the shipping and I'll just cover that in final payment, if that's acceptable to you, else I suppose I can pay the transport company seperately, but it's messy from here, you know. My thinking is that you'll attached the transmission to the engine and sit the engine/tranny back in the vehicle.A runnig engine would be a bonus. This seems the most logical course of action for international shipping. Then you'll have maximum room for all the parts, and spares doors and panels etc. Does this seems acceptable to you? Just send me a couple of snaps showing me the car is ready to ship and and I'll transfer through the balance of the money including shipping. Obviously you need to make sure the doors open and close and trunk and hood, and if they brakes or at least the hand brake are working that it a HUGE bonus for unpacking the car out of the container at the Austrlian end, please let me know about the brakes? Oh by the way, I'll be needing a bill of sale from you to me following the receipt showing the full amount with shipping (but don't listing shipping, make it all part of the car price) ans showing my deposit amount and balance oweing. I also need this for import approval and final registration of the car, once back on the road a long way down the track.

As for shipping, I can recommend you give Tom a call at (407) *** **** or by email *********** . Shop around by all means, I suspect it will costs at least USD$500 to ship the car. Eventually the vehicle needs to be shipped to Marina Shipping, see them at - the contact there is ****. In fact, I have two conflicting address for them so they are definately worth a call first. I know they shifted operations around last September 05. Their website says 444 Alaska Ave, Torrance, CA 90503 (310) 320-3535 but I have an email dated December 05 that says it's 229 Broad Ave Wilmington, California. - but I guess their website would be the most accurate. But please give them a call. What I do is share a 1/4 of a container where we fit 4 cars into a 40' container. The local Mustang dealer here sells each of us this quater share so that he gets to ships all his parts for free, all shoved into the same container. It's a good deal all around. So, if you're talking to Marina Shipping, this car will be loaded in a consignment care of "Peter ***** of East Coast Mustangs, Victoria, Australia".

What about the convertible roof frame? I saw the hydraulic rams in the pics, but is the roof frame all there and working?

I hate to ask you to show your legit, but I am totally sure you understand my reasons for asking. I'm sure you would be doing the same the if situation were reversed. No out of state references is fine, I understand - I just thought I would ask in case you had any. I can be your reference assuming it all works out well for any other out-of-state sales. I don't have "lots" of money so this amount is a big deal for me and I so cannot afford to loose it if something goes wrong (no to mention my wife would kill or devorce me or both).

I would like to have your full name and street address (so I check you out in the phone book) and make sure you look real. A copy of your DL if no trouble showing the same address as appears in the phone book would also be good. Your folks address and phone numbers would be good to. Aaron, it's just some basic checking to make sure everything looks good. I assume the title would be made out to you and your address.

Is there any you know of that is missing from vehicle that I should know about ?

In the pictures, there looked like extra wishbones, i.e. they appared fitted to the car, but also on the ground for the pics - is it likely there are some spares then ?

Looking forward to hearing back from you again.


killerformula 04-13-2006 11:25 PM

There's no reason to give anybody your account info like that, although what he asked for is nothing that's not printed on a standard check (account and routing number, full name and address of bank).

Are you comfortable paying the service fee from paypal (3% I believe) on your money? If so, just have him send the entire payment that way!

Find out what city he's from and find what money transfer services are available. There's no reason he can't use just a regular cashier's check or money order either. IN that case you'd just wait for said item to clear and take the money.

That said, this guy does sound a little backward. Just be cautious and put yourself first in the transaction. Dont give anybody anything until you have cash in your hand (I.e. a cleared check amount). At this point I think you can assume that you're not going to get that, and that this is a sham.


docvette 04-14-2006 12:22 AM


All this fool needs is your SSAN and Birth Cert..and guess what ? He's you and your screwed..

Let's recap..
  • He's got your bank accounts,
  • A PHOTO COPY of your Driver's license,
  • A CLEAR copy of the title and a Bill of sale..
  • The VIN NUMBER of the car..
  • Your Phone number..
  • Your Street address..
  • Your PARENTS STREET address..and their phone numbers..

My Ex~wifes Knew less about me at divorce..What's this guy want a DNA sample too?

With the information he wants you to send, I suppose I could get a Car titled in my name just about anywhere in the world..before it ever arrived at the docks..and all for the cost of shipping and a 10% Deposit..

Truthfully, I'd pass on this can sell the car to someone else in the states for about the same price..and keep more in your pocket then it will cost to deal with this fool..

What is the deal about shipping? It would seem he thinks you are paying for that by his email? True or not? For that alone I'd blow him off..ship is his problem..

If you want to do a deal, Tell him this is how this is gonna shake out.. have a mutual bank picked as an escrow holder for a period of 10 days (or until the funds CLEAR) Then the bank sends the funds to your account, and the title and notarized bill of sale are sent to him and shipping can begin (they can preload..but not ship or leave the dock prior to that date..unless released by the bank)

Any other way and it's gonna cost you major bucks in fees..and don't forget get an IRS flag on this transaction will have to pay taxes on that also (transactions over $10,000)

The latest and greatest Scam is Forged Cashier's Checks..the Check hits your account, you send the Vehicle..title ET&AL..ten days later the Check comes back as forged..Treasury Agents are knocking on your door..your out 45 grand..and the Car..and no way to catch up with this guy..

OR you can offer him a reduction of half his airfare to the states to BRING you cash (not a check..)..and leave with the car and title ...

Blow him off..more trouble than it's worth..

Doc :pimp:

I just reread the Emial post..Is this deal 45 grand, or 45 hundred? ..If $4500, it's not worth the trouble..I thought it was 45 grand..

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