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Dubz 10-12-2004 02:21 PM

Is it possible to tell spline count from axle tag?
Just wondering if i need to actually pull the axles and count, or if i could decode from my tag. Rear is a 9". Also was wondering about bearing sizes, if there was any way to tell those without disassembly.

Axle was under a 74 Gran Torino

axle tag reads as such as far as i can tell

2 75 9 844B

so i know it's an open carrier with a 2.75 ratio, that the ring gear is actually 9" that it was assembled on a monday of July in 74 (4GA)

Also i got a used gear set for my rear i was planning on swapping out (why i would like to know bearing sizes ect) and it's ring gear is quite a bit smaller than 9". it's an original FoMoCo gear set that i got used in great condition, it's 3.56 which i've heard is supposed to be uncommon, anything i should know about the smaller ring gear? or should i get a set of newer gears in a diff ratio that will actually have a 9" ring gear

Thanks for the help

KULTULZ 10-12-2004 05:36 PM

28 Spline Count

Carrier Brg Cone I.D. 1 25/32" CUP O.D. 2 57/64"

Wheel Brg Tappered Roller I.D. 1 9/16" O.D. 3 9/64"

Do you see any I.D. markings on the RG/Pinion?

Dubz 10-12-2004 11:14 PM

I'll have to go dig it out and get you the casting info from them, i know they have numbers as well as the FoMoCo logo, i wrote them down a while ago but lost the paper.

bud-23 10-12-2004 11:25 PM

Hey KLUTULZ. I have a Lincoln Versalis sp? and when I changed gears I found out there were 3 different bearing sizes. 130 mile round trip to get the right ones.


Dubz 10-13-2004 12:44 PM

RG markings

FoMoCo logo U.S.A WAC-4210-A |> 8 5 88 Shift #3 B6

PG marking

FoMoCo logo WAS 4610 A |> MX 1 USA

RG has 32 teeth
PG has 9 teeth

i think i maybe got hosed as if they use the same kind of code as the axle tag i have a 5.88 gear from a 8" :(

looks like i did get screwed, ring gear measures 8" outside diameter, inner diam 5". Pinion gear measures 4.5" across. The 3.56 gear wasn't common, so i'm not having any luck looking up info on it, if there even was such a set :(

ok, found this site that lists FMM-4209-A356
which is a FORD 9 3.56 RATIO O.E.M STYLE FORD
for $556.50

so i'm guessing it was a rarity.

please oh please help me, i'm either happy i have something rare, or ticked that i have something that won't work

KULTULZ 10-13-2004 02:23 PM


RG markings

FoMoCo logo U.S.A WAC-4210-A |> 8 5 88 Shift #3 B6

PG marking

FoMoCo logo WAS 4610 A |> MX 1 USA

RG has 32 teeth
PG has 9 teeth
Relax, you're OK... :thumbup:

The stampings I.D. the gear set as B7A 4209-D, which was origionally a 3.56. It was replaced by B7AZ 4209-L (35/10) and later C9OZ 4209-A (35/10) and they were both 3.50's.

Some of the first RG were not 9" but 8.75" in dia. They progressed to 9" as time went on.

-MEL Engine Forum-

Dubz 10-13-2004 03:38 PM

mounting surface diameter is only 8" on this one though, the teeth protrude wider, still it's the right thing

well that is nifty :)

thanks a bunch :thumbup:

Dubz 10-13-2004 05:35 PM

What size of a press would be required for installing the bearings

edit: some day i'll learn how to spell or hit the spell check button before posting

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