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JOHNSHENOUDA 11-27-2012 06:34 AM

power seat retrofit
OK I am try to mach up my model A. I bought some nearly new leather seats from a late model Mercedes e class. I have a few problems. First off one of them is all the way forward and the other all the way back, causing my Mach up to be a night mare. Secondly, I need to build up a set of risers so that the seat does not interfere with the stick shift. Not a big problem. The big problem is the controls for the seats are on the door panels, which i have. The harness coming off of them is a ribbon style. The seats have two or three different wire groupings that have regular wire plum ends on them. I have no idea what wire is for what. How do i apply power to them to get the seats to move, and how do i figure out the ribbon on the switches? If I get them to move so that they are both in the same position should I just by some manual glides and call it a day? Power seats are nice but this looks complex.

OneMoreTime 11-27-2012 07:04 AM

I suppose some of the electronic wiz kids could make them work but myself the idea of dispensing with complexity and having manual seat guides makes a lot of sense..The power guides should be bolted to the seat so removing them and replacing with manual seat tracks should be a doable task..


DanTwoLakes 11-27-2012 07:30 AM

I've always moved power seats that are out of the car with a car battery. I connect a wire to the plus side and the negative side, and move the seats by the hit or miss method of applying power and operating the seat switches. I'm sure it's not that easy with the newer car seats.

1971BB427 11-27-2012 01:11 PM

Not familiar with Mercedes, but most seats have a separate plug that is the 12v. input, and then the other that does control. I suspect if you look at the door controls you'll see where a two wire plug is or was. Once you've determined where that is you can do as Dan said and temp power to it to get the seats moved to the position you like.
If you can't figure it out you can call a Mercedes dealer and talk to a line mechanic about where power is derived. As for controls, I'd definitely keep the electric controls, but I'd probably locate them in a custom built console and not in the doors of your rod.

stumpy1972uk1 11-27-2012 05:27 PM

I wouldnt suggest putting any batteries near the wiring for these seats, the side impact air bags could go off if fitted. Theres a firing wire and a fault wire usually for air bags. Best thing to do if you aint electrically competent is get an auto electrician to have a look. The air bag wire on most uk spec cars is thick brown with a yellow plug. Please becarefull. Ade

JOHNSHENOUDA 11-29-2012 06:35 AM

back again
Ok, Last night I took stumpy1972uk1's advise about the side airbags. I simply disconnected both of them. I then proceeded to isolate the wires for each of the four motors so that i could locate them on the plug which goes into the memory unit. I did notice that each motor has two large gauge wires , which are the positive and negative, and also two thin gauge wires which I imagine are some sort of switching mechanism. I managed to get each motor running by hooking them up at the plum end with a car battery. My problem is if I replug the plugs into the memory box the plugs that come out the front side have completely different colored wires. I noticed on the front side wires there is a very heavy gauge brown wire, red wire and black wire. Am I supposed to plug everything back together and hook up the battery directly to two of those three heavy gauge wires. If so which two. Then if i remove the switch from the door panel how do i determine which wire on the back of the switch will operate each motor. I imagine there is no direct power going into the switch, only the seat. Am i correct?

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