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Shag0215 03-11-2010 04:39 PM

Power Steering Mounting Help
I have a 1980-1985 GM 350 motor that i have just bought to replace the 400 small block that was in my 1978 GMC Sierra Grande K-1500.I Have the 350 in the truck now but i dont remembr how my power steering pump Bolted to the motor.I have a few brackets but they came off of the 1978 400 small block.I believe that on the 400 the bracket i have bolted to the driver side head,it will bolt on the 350 but there is like 3 different bolt holes on that bracket and any way i bolt the pump to the bracket it doesnt line up with the pulley,if any one has any advice or any pictures of the power steering setup please help.The motor does not run a/c,the alternator is on the passenger side.

32Essex 03-12-2010 08:24 PM

Did you use the same pulleys that came off of the 4OO? Check the distance from the face of the balancer to a common spot on both engines like the machined boss for the pump to bolt on and see if they are different.

deadbodyman 03-13-2010 08:14 AM

I had more trouble with my belts lining up when I did mine than I could handle I went to the scrap yard and got a serpentine system off a newer truck thing I ever did.very easy and cheap ,all problems solved...50.00 including all brackets, alt ,ps pump a/c comp, belt and crank pully,complete system,Thanks to cash for clunkers theres a ton of them at the "u pull its"

fast68 03-14-2010 04:34 AM

there are differences

a/c or not matters

is the biggest difference

the manifolds changed in 81 on light duty sbc engines to a new design above the spark plug like on the cars

and the 70s ones were old style below plugs

the brackets there were slightly different ones

some used a threaded stud on the small tirangle adjuster bracket that bolted to the exhaust bolt and some used a bolt with slot in it.

if its for a 73-up truck then you can make it work with minor shimming with washers etc

if you have all the matching same brackets

and all '73-up long water pump style pullies on the engine

(the cars changed to long pump in 69)

there was also the van style ones which were the most simplest they bolted down low on face of the engine block those two threaded holes in it and used the same cast iron cradle bracket as the 72 older trucks, just was a carried over old bracket for the vans 73-up. the steel flat bracket reached up to first exh manifold bolt
very simple and works on long water pump engines.

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