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Cool prepping and starting a new 350 crate motor

whatup everyone.

i just put a new 350 stock motor into my 65 c-10 stepside, along with swapping the Powerglide for a used turbo 350 tranny (and new brand new driveline). got a little problem.

i've got it started up and gassed it a few times, but i haven't done the 20 min cam break-in yet. for a few days prior to today, i had a problem aligning the distributor and wires correctly, where the engine would backfire and just be pissed off in general right after i started it. so i didn't want to try to full-throttle it just to keep it alive so the cam could break in. the motor just didn't wanna stay alive.

i put in a spacer between the starter and the block because it the gears didn't retract back into the starter after every start. i thought if it was misaligned w/ the flexplate, the starter gear might stay stuck against it (as it was), and not letting the engine run by having too much friction against the starter. after i put in the spacer, the starter retracted everytime. but the carb still backfired a whole lot and engine was still pretty pissed off.

however i found my distributor was also misaligned, then i found TDC and reset the wires and timing (without a timing gun, just by eyeballing the installation of the distributor cap) and now the engine seems to run much better. as of a few minutes ago, i got running for about 10 seconds to where if i kept on the gas a little, around 2000-2500 rpm (estimate), it sounded pretty good. however there is a **slight** lump in the exhaust note. nothing that sounds like a nightmare, just a tiny blip in the exhaust howl. i'm not sure if this normal for a stock 350 cam lope or what. maybe just me being paranoid about getting to sound too perfect.

the main problem a BUNCH of smoke comes up and out from the right below the stock headers, right where it connects into the two single pipes that go back to the exhaust cans (2.25" Flowmasters, single pipes). the carb didn't seem to backfire during the last startup.

is this a normal thing to happen? is the exhaust gaskets just burning off a little dirt? or is this not good? the engine came out of the crate painted black, is this just the paint burning thru the exhaust as it settles? maybe the timing is off?

the tranny fluid is filled over the FULL MARK somewhat... because of this, could the manifold vacuum be sucking extra tranny fluid thru the carb & intake to the chambers then thru the headers causing the smoke? i don't see fluid getting puked from the tranny disstick onto the headers on the outside....

here's the setup:

--new stock 350 engine
--used 350 tranny
--new driveline

--new edelbrock air-gap rpm intake
--new edelbrock 750 performer carb (1.5 turns out on idle circuits)
--new stock fuel pump
--new summit racing water pump
--new summit racing aluminum radiator
--new summit tranny cooler
--new accel hei distributor
--new summit racing coil
--new Champion truck plugs and Bosch wires


thanks for any advice you guys can give, <<65truck>>


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