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bullheimer 08-07-2002 02:55 PM

priming for 1st start w/new gas tank required?
After over a year swapping frames, my new engine is ready to fire. it's never seen gas, nor has the fuel pump or gas tank. Any special "must do's" before I crank the dog crap out of it getting gas to the carb? Holley carb has been sitting empty for the whole time, and I think the gaskets are probably dry-does that matter? Seems like I remember somebody back in the 70's saying to store the carb in a bucket of gas. but for a whole year that's kinda not gonna happen.

Jim Weeks 08-07-2002 06:35 PM

I will tell you what has always worked for me. Get a clean clear plastic 8 or 12 oz soda bottle. Drill a hole in the cap big enough to accept the gas line that will be going into the fuel pump. Make sure the line fits tight enough in the cap so it doesn't leak. Fill bottle about 1/2 full of gas, push your gas line into the cap about 1/2 inch, push the other end onto your fuel pump. Turn the bottle upside down, so that the gas gravity feeds into the fuel pump. Let it sit there for a minute, then crank the motor. After the motor cranks about 5 seconds, start pumping the accelerator up and down, so the accelerator pump in the carb will squirt raw gas into the carb. DO NOT CRANK THE MOTOR FOR MORE THAN 30 SECONDS or you might burn up the starter. If it does not start on that first attempt, let the starter cool for about 5 minutes and then repeat the process. Once the car starts and runs, shut it off, take out your makeshift bottle set up off and connect the regular gas line.

You want to make sure the gas in the line and the tank is not contaminated before you do this. Hope this helps, it has always worked for me.

jeff of nc 08-07-2002 07:10 PM

Pour a little gas down the carb vents.

78 monte 08-08-2002 08:54 PM

Maybe not but after a year your carb may need a rebuild.If its all dryed out the needle and seat may leak not to mention the rest.When I did mine I put a trick kit(think its also called a trak pak)had a high flow needle and seat bigger accelerator pump dia.and I believe a differant power valve its been awhile.

bullheimer 08-09-2002 07:05 AM

thanks guys, i don't have air but people tell me i suck all the time so i'll siphon it out by the fuel pump. if it runs out i'll connect it. if not, it's the ol soda bottle trick from jim weeks. shoot some oil in the plug holes, crank it 30 seconds, re-adjust my push rods, put the plugs back in and just keep my fingers crossed as far as gas leaking out of the carb. i tried to crank it last night and it wasn't gettin any juice to the starter so i might have a wire in the wrong place.-i completely rewired this truck, so hopefully i'll figure it out. it was a major woody seeing all my new l.e.d. tail lights and the rest of my light work for the first time! wooopie! tomorrows the day! i'm renewing my plates today after work. wooo hooo!!

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