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sizemoremk 08-17-2003 08:02 PM

Is priming the engine suppose to wear my drill out?
Hey guys and gals!

I got a 3/8" drill and it is getting really hot as I prime the engine!

I am doing it for about a minute at a time. I was told to do it between 5-10 minutes...

Is this correct?

Thanks guys!

302 Z28 08-17-2003 08:10 PM

5 to 10 minutes is way too long IMO. All you really need is to see the oil pressure come up and stabilize. This usually takes less than a minute.


NorthStar 08-17-2003 08:16 PM

No it shouldnt fry your drill. :smash:
Let it turn for about 10-15 seconds then rotate the crank about 90 degrees, another 10-15 seconds, work your way around one revolution and youre good to go.
Basically all your trying to do is fill up the filter and oil galleys so engine starts getting oil right away when you fire it up for first time.

woodz428 08-17-2003 08:24 PM

Hate to ask a dumb question...but are you turning the drill in the right direction? I've never had it take more than about 30 seconds to start pumping oil.

Max Keith 08-17-2003 09:25 PM

oil pump priming
Get you a quarter inch drive, deep well socket that will fit your oil pump shaft and weld it to an extention, then use a speed wrench to prime your oil system. The advantage of this is you will actually be able to feel your pump get suction and you can tell if it might be cavitating and losing prime while pumping. Five minutes is plenty of time to completely prime your engine. if you have a mechanical gauge on your engine, I recommend having someone watch the gauge while you turn the pump so you will get an idea of what kind of pressures you will have at idle.

sizemoremk 08-18-2003 01:51 AM

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Thanks guys!

the disc that is suppose to fit in the hole didn't fit inside the hole so I turnied it upside down and I guess it wasn't centerd good.

So I did it withoutt he disc held down. It spun it up and after a second I could feel it get suction, and when I stoped I could hear the oil dripping back down into the pan.

The problem was that a dude was telling me that he usually does it for 5-10 minutes, I guess he was exagerating. I know he usually knows what he's talking about because everthing he has told me pretty much has been echoed here and other sources when I've asked him other things :confused:

But anywas after about 30 seconds m drill got hot'rn hell and started smokin' but I know my drill was worn out, and didn't turn exactly straight... so I bothered the neighbors and his did a little better. These were both 3/8 drills and his was probabl older than mine. So I did it for about a minute then let it cool off and did it again, an so on.

Does anyone else use the 10-15 seconds turning 90 degrees for a revolution???

The manual I used just says to take out the spark plugs and turn it over until it gets up to pressure.

I guess I can just go to the parts store and look for a oil pressure guage, I don't know about he accuracy of the one in the dash....

I have a little cylinder that looks like this i the pic, is this mechanical or electircal???

My book doesn't say...

Thanks alot guys!

akm 08-18-2003 02:00 AM


302 Z28 08-18-2003 04:56 AM

Another tip is to remove the rocker covers and prime until you see oil coming out the pushrods.


ded6elite 08-18-2003 05:57 AM

i just primed my 289 windsor v8 2 weeks ago
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if you are priming a high pressure oil pump it may wear your drill out i would advise filling your oil filter up bfore you try to prime as well this makes so you only have to pump through the engine

made that mistake with my dads 63 stingray corvette we had to fill his filter as well as pump all the way up to the rocker arms the drill was smoking on his but on myne it was fine

im doing a 68 coupe stang

TooMany2count 08-18-2003 07:47 AM


Originally posted by woodz428
are you turning the drill in the right direction?
has me wondering also, be sure you use the drill in reverse, because the oil pump turns counterclock wise, well at least thats how & was told to do it & have been doing it for years & it seems to work just fine.........joe

Knobie 08-18-2003 01:03 PM

I just about smoked a 3/8 makita drill trying to prime my sbc. I then borrowed a 1/2" drill and it took about 30 secs before the oil pumped through the pushrods.

sizemoremk 08-18-2003 01:55 PM

I justv went and bought a mechanical oil pressure guage, what should the pressure reading be when I prime it? 08-18-2003 02:36 PM


Originally posted by Knobie
I just about smoked a 3/8 makita drill trying to prime my sbc. I then borrowed a 1/2" drill and it took about 30 secs before the oil pumped through the pushrods.
This is the main problem. 3/8" drills just don't have enough power and you will fry them if you spin the pump for any time at all. It is just a fact that any 3/8" drill is being way overpowered by an oil pump and they all will fry fairly quickly. 1/2" drill is the proper way to do it. And 5 minutes is WAY too long. Pump 'til oil shows at the rockers and call it good. Don't tell anyone, but between you and me, I never pre-prime an engine and haven't lost one in 30 years of trying. Just crank the engine w/ coil wire out 'til I see oil pressure on the gauge then plug in coil wire and fire it up.

sizemoremk 08-18-2003 04:11 PM

well I just got everything really pretty and I ahte the idea of splattering oil all over my newly painted engine compartment and accessories...

Will priming it spray oil all over the place? It is a straght six in case I forgotot mention that earlier.

I've never run an engine with the valve covers off, but I hear it is quite messy....

302 Z28 08-18-2003 04:21 PM

The oil will not spray out, it will just ooze out of the pushrods.


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