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beetle9 08-27-2002 04:17 PM

pro street rear frame
I have a person (who seems to know what hes doing) helping me build a new rear frame with ladder bar setup. He is building everything and the only factory made part are the coilover shocks and springs.My question is, how closely does the new rear frame need to match up to the contour of the body. I know this thing needs to bolt to the rear of the car in several places, but does in need to touch the entire length of the frame being built. He says no, just so its secure and solid in 3 or 4 spots on each side, that is sufficient. Is this correct. I don't expect to totally butcher my trunk and with mounts he is making to come up from the frame to bolt to the body, I shouldn't have to. Anyone have any experience in this area?

If so, what do you say? The car is a 35 ford sedan 08-28-2002 09:33 AM

Sounds ok to me. I did effectively the same thing on my Willys by placing 2" square rubber pads @ each bolt site. The rest of the floor is above the frame by the thickness of the pads. Might as well be a foot! Only coonstraint I would make would be to put a stand and bolt @ every site that the factory did. They usually did things for a good reason.

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