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Originally Posted by deadbodyman View Post
You may have something there OF,yesterday I played around with disconnecting the ground while welding and it was deffinetly all about the timing,I was averaging about two out of ten trys by releasing the trigger and the ground at exactly the same time ..when I had someone else remove the ground we culdnt get it to work at all ..It is possible though.The few that stuck and feed the wire out were stuck very well and I couldnt pull them off with plyers, theres going to be more to it than just a switch at the ground...
I know its possible and heres why (bare with me)...back in 76-78 I was working at a friends shop when a salesman came in to demonstrate a new welder called a mig,at that time no shops had one and I never saw anything like it, anyway he demonstrated it ,how to weld and showed all us how ez it was to weld with,we were pretty impressed with it to say the least,,,as an encore he showed us a feature that floored us ,we had a chevy truck door laying there with a 4" rust hole where the bolt s for those big mirrors go, he ground around the hole to get clean metal and did something he called speggettii weld ,the wire welded itself to one side of the hole then the wire feed out until it reached the other side and when it made contact it welded itself to the other side,he kept repeting this until the hole had wire covering it like spokes on a wheel then he hit a button and all the spokes glowed red hot welding themselves to each other ,the hole was welded up...I never forgot that.. my buddy did buy that welder and we were one of the first shops around to have a mig it turned out it wasnt a very good way to patch a hole so we never used the feature and I never saw it again on any other machine...
So it is possible,I'm just not smart enough to figure it out myself......Wheres old red??? I'll bet he can shed some light on this
How about a momentary switch normally on, so when you touch your foot to it, the ground is broken? It would be way easier for you to get into a rhythm with your foot and finger to hit at the perfect time to make it stick?

I remember that first time seeing a MIG too, we forget what an amazing tool it is! But I have to tell you, I am dying to pull out my torch (haven't fired it in years) when I do my truck. You talk about memories.

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