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Originally Posted by v8hed
Really? Interesting. Unfortunately, my only frame of reference was an old oil pump with a few thousand miles on it... that turned smooth as silk, hence my concern when this new pump wasn't the same way.

Before this new pump was installed, the gears turned perfectly smoothly (of course, it wasn't working against oil pressure).

With a long screwdriver turning the oil pump drive shaft by hand, I can distinctly feel some pretty bad 'notchiness' in the pump drive as I turn it slowly with the screwdriver. The noise might be simply because the drill is turning this notchy/jerky drive shaft at a couple of thousand RPM and is causing a lot of vibration through the drive shaft and drill. It really doesn't feel right, but this is the first new pump I've installed and primed.

Anyone else with a few new oil pump installs under their belts care to comment? I'll tear everything down again if I have to, but it's a major PITA and I'm not keen to do all that when this might be perfectly OK.

Do oil pump gears 'wear-in' to each other in a short amount of time? Is there some kind of bedding-in that happens?

It should turn smoothly from the get go.

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