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jtrimmer 05-14-2003 10:08 PM

problem starting when hot
I have an 85 chevy pickup. just put in a new 350 when i mean new. block, carb,intake,ignition system. every thing. Im pretty sure that the timeing is set corectly. starts fine when cold but not when hot. turns over ok and if i floor the pedal it will start.if i wait 2 to 3 min it will sart fine. but it only dose it if it set for about 10 min or more . it dosnt seem like problems that other posts are talking about but i could be wrong. please help

slider in wa 05-14-2003 10:13 PM

Have you checked the starer draw? A new tight motor will be harder to turn over than a loose one.Just a thought.
Slider in Wa

DoubleVision 05-14-2003 11:10 PM

over advanced ignition timing or stuck open mechanical advance in the distributor can cause this, but the number one problem is lack of grounds. my car had this problem, so I ran a ground from the frame to the block, the block to the battery, the battery to the fender, and another ground from frame to the firewall, then firewall to intake, no more hot start peoblems, no more lights bickering at idle. I recommend anyone doing a engine swap to do this if they haven`t already, it makes the electrical system work a lot more efficent also. if all else fails, try it.

blndweasel 05-19-2003 01:15 PM

I'd check two things first:

1. Is your starter overheating? If you have headers and they pass close to your starter, you can get heat soak, which will cause the solenoid to not engage when its too hot. Solution: starter head shield.
2. Do you have an electrical choke that isn't opening enough at hot temps? Remember the choke should be closed when cold, more open when hot. Solution: adjust electrical choke setpoint.

Mirror Image 05-19-2003 04:00 PM

The motor turns over ok maybe it could be hot soak in the carb, Its happed to me I put a plate under the carb and it fixed it

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