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Originally Posted by Irelands child
Accelerator pump link on a 1405/1406 goes in the center hole.

Super simple carb for the average guy ---
7/16 float level, 15/16 float drop. Follow the IB for the proper jets, rods and springs. You do have to read it a couple times for it to make sense. This is the first of 2 1405's (one with the choke option) I rebuilt last week - the other and still cruddy(!!) is behind it:

Timing should be no more then 10* BTDC

Ford OEM distributors only run on ported vacuum - pass side port on a 1405/6. Cap the other small one off or if you have a C4, run that line to the transmission

The front big vacuum port is for the PCV, rear for power brakes.

This photo shows #1, and the distributor rotates CCW as you look down on it (this is an HO wired dist, but #1 stays in the same place either way)

Get a vacuum gauge on that engine. If it has a stock camshaft, it will run 17-21 inches (mine is 17-18 with a medium warm camshaft)

Unless you understand pedestal mount rocker arms, don't disassemble until you do - they can and WILL cause you to suffer acid reflux

This thing won't do anything under 18ish. I am suspecting a vac leak. I put a gauge on it and with about 5-7 turns on the idle air screws,she it fluxxed between 7-8. She is idling and under no load not bad at all, how do I begin to chase done a vac leak? Under load,surges and is afu!
Where I do hook up a vacc gauge do I hook it up to the pax side or drivers side. I am shooting from the hip here, with the timing being so high maybe a other than stock cam coupled with a vac leak or would the leak cause me to over compensate on the ign timing?

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