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mustang 671 11-10-2012 02:19 PM

Problems with my lockhead master cylinder on my eleanor mustang
hi all.

i am nearly in completion of my eleanor mustang 671 build.

i have a problem with my lockead master cylinder. it has a reseviour ontop and has 2x outlets to the top of the cylinder. so i see it as a dual circuit ?. it has 2 x outlets /brake lines nearer the driver then moving toward the front of the cylinder it has 1x brake line. so i have rigged up the 2x front brakes independantly off of the 2x back outlets and then the front single outlet goes to the back axle then into a tee fitting then off to each rear brake caliper . i have bought the easy bleed system that works off of the wheel pressure. i have bleed all the callipers , and then again . when the engine is not runing i have front brakes but not rear . and a small pedal. then when i start the engine i have no pedal ( expect due to the vacum ) then again no rear brakes.

the rear calipers are off of a ford truck and are single piston design. but they have the mechanical handbrake levers on the back of them and they operate correctly and when the engine is running and the rear wheels turning i can stop the rear wheel with the handrake. so it seems the piston are operating.

so have i incorectly plumber in the rear brake line to the master cylinder . do i have a dual circuit matser cylinder ?

it also has a large nut at the front that i have also undone and bled the air out of. but still no back brakes. so before i start to move brake lines around do you have any opinions ? i have good fluid at all calipers. :(

cheers all

mustang 671 11-11-2012 10:13 AM

hi all . dont worry . have fixed it now. swapped the rear outgoing line to the first cicuit and 1 of the front ones to the 2nd circuit and now all working. think the first circuit must have more flow and works the back fine now.

happy days

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