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problems with running my supercharged 351w

hi all , have been posting for a while as i have been finishing my 67 eleanor mustang . i have a 351w supercharged engine with a 6/71 weiand super charger , spec below .

high volume canton sump with windage tray and scraper
high volume oil pump
re-ground balanced crank
crane supercharger crank specs are -- fair to moderate ride,3pm 3.400-3.800 cruise rates at 8.5-1 max
degrees duration 226d @ .05"
degrees advertised 286d @ .05"
lobe seperation 112d
open and close intake 6d and exhaust 40d
gross lift .502"

hydraulic lifters on roller rockers
forged rods with hyperutectic pistons ( keith blacks)
edelbrock performer heads (need to find the spec but are good for a blower)
high volume engine run fuel pump
weiand 6/71 blower with 2x holley 600 vac secs carbs

what i need help on now is your opinions on what jets i should be using as a starting point in the primarys and secoundaries ?

currently i have .72 in the primary metering blocks and .78 in the secoundaries .

i have adjusted the timming to be 28d advanced with a idle of 22d advanced ,
the problem i am having is the carbs are spitting and when the engine finally runs its lumpy as hell ( i know its got a lumpy cam but its more so than it should be )

it will not idle and i have to keep the revs high ( say 1500 to 1800 ) but it is still rough at that rpm

do you have any idea on if my jets are too big ? it doesnt change when i adjust the air mix screws . they are currently out 1 turn .

i have a omex ecu and can adjust the timing very easily ,

i have got to 2 x boses ready for lambar sensors for when i get it dynoed and have also fitted 2x heat sensors in the exhaust manifold ,

but before that i just want to get it running on idle , also i cannot start it with the choke on . i have to have the flaps on the carbs open, which tells me it needs lots of air -which i have heard most supecharged engines and high lift cam engines never use the choke ??

am getting really frustrated as the car is 99% finished and i just want to get it on the road for 6 weeks or so to get some miles on it before the snow and ice come in december . then i can store it up till spring and adjust and fix any problems.

boo hoo

cheers shaun
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