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Originally Posted by KeithDyer View Post
Not know a single one of you boys on this thread but thought I had best chime in . . . . . .

Mustang 671, in watching this thread, I think that F-bird is just trying to make sure you are aware of some of the stuff that he has knowledge of.

I have not seen anything he posted that was not correct.

You have a lot of "bells and whistles" on your rig that, for sure, will create a bunch of headaches and destroyed parts if not careful.

The "hyper vs. forged" decision is liable to give you pin bosses pulled out of the pistons, seen too many of them happen that way. And a huffer will really put lots of heat into the crown / ring pack area, adding to the problem.

He suggested changing the oil, most likely because it sounded like the raw fuel has most likely gone past the rings and thinned the oil.

Look . . . . , nobody wants to see you have problems with your ride. But you seem to be sort of hard-headed to fixing the possible issues you are seeing.

So . . . . . just how far of a road trip is this Spain you write of???

Take care, K
hi keith , thanks for the post . think the spain think was taken out of context, i said i had a contact in spain ( ibiza) where i can use it for a few months with some celebreties to earn some really good money , but that wont be next year as im too busy with work . but if i was to do it i would trailor it down anyhow . my question on that subject was , about the choke horns and also the heat and another reason for wanting the water/meth inj .

regarding the oil- again that was took incorrectly. i have only recently changed the oil as i had a big over fueling issue and wrong timing , so i ditched the oil and filter and replaced it with millers running in oil . my question on that was -- is millers running in oil ( ie forget the brand - its a mineral based running in oil ) ok for taking to the dyno for them to tune and do a bit of running in. seems silly to ask as its called running in oil. but wanted some opinions on it ??

trust me im no hard headed dude , quite the opposite, i am a carpenter/builder. i have built the whole thing myself using different people to make , weld , design and fit bits to get to where i am . eveyone thought i was mad and alot of people said it wouldnt work etc . but its running and its finished , however i am no fool and know the serious part is the engine tuning running in and to keep det at bay .

regarding the running in . i personally have a good friend who builds and tunes gp250 track bikes 2 stroke and 4 stroke super bikes . he also agrees that he preferes the method of cuttting in the rings as quick as possible and not to run in a engine as manufactures reccomend, ie 1000 or so miles , so when i go to the dyno i am intersted on peoples opinions of the dyno guys saying they can load up the back wheels and run the engine in for 30 mins or so.

whats your thoughts?

thanks shaun
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