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Beenaway2long 02-02-2005 08:17 AM

I installed the furnace about 4 months ago, but never hooked up any ductwork. Weeeeeeeeelllll, I got the supply side done about a month ago, and its taken me all this time to get the RIGHT parts for the cold air return. I'm down to missing only ONE piece! A 24x8" tap, so I can run my last vertical leg of the cold air return. A buddy runs a HVAC shop, and he's been making(&screwing up) me up the pieces. I SHOULD HAVE paid to have everything installed by someone I don't know. FOUR MONTHS and its still not done. I have heat now, but only one peice left...Unbelieveable.

Now that the heat works, the Air, this summer should be a piece of cake. Yes sir buddy ! Air conditioned shop! Life is good. Last night, I had the thermostat set at 60, my wife walks in and asks if I had the "air" on. Always a wiseguy......


Finished the lower inner/outer cowl
Finished the Firewall
Cut out the old rotted Dash
Roughed in the new Dash
Roughed in the new front floorboards

Yeah Baby!!! Progress !!

Matts99Sierra 02-02-2005 09:56 PM

man. i cant wait till i have my own shop. it probably wont have any air at first. but by god it WILL have heat due to these cold ohio winters. which suck! LOL:thumbup:

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