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Ripped 01-18-2007 09:44 PM

Progress on the block and filler work, but a question on getting fender lip line
I have almost amazed myself, on how well the body work and block sanding is going on the rear quarters.

Whenever I am unsure of something, I do a search here and find what I am looking for, when I don't find it, I ask. And the tips are invalueable!

So what I have learned so far, is to do the body filler in managable sections. Only do what I can place and sand in one night.
Don't leave the filler on overnight! (it is way to hard to sand)
The 12" sanding block, an 18" piece of 2" round plastic electrical conduit, and a 5" x 2" durablock, are my best friends right now ;)
When I prep the car at night, I prep it, (sand/clean/vacuum )so I can place filler on another section right away on the following night. That way I can work efficently.
Tonight, I learned that using the large double halogen light is great for visibility, but cures partial sections of the bodyfiller too fast!

One tip I have, 25 years ago I learned from an old timer, when they used to use lacquer primers, the would layer multiple colours of paint so they could see the highs and lows visually.
This I am doing with the bodyfiller. I have three colours of hardener, white, blue, red. As I sand the consecutive layers, it gives me a good visual of how I am doing, and I can watch problem areas before I sand through to metal/primer.

The quarters are a real challenge, probably the most difficult part of this car. The one side was badly messed up by the welder, and I have flared the metal, so they are not the stock shape. That being said, they are looking good.
I am just about finished with the 40 grit, and ready to step to a finer grit.

I want to get a real nice sharp line where the fender lip meets the quarter, especially near the top 1/3 of the wheelwell similar to the stock quarters.

How to I do that? Masking tape?
The fender lip is not a constant dimension, so it seems a bit tricky to me.

milo 01-18-2007 10:03 PM

We had a thread around here... if you scroll to the bottom left of this page there are related threads on body lines that go with this new thread.. :thumbup:

or this

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