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Auto insurance is a racket. Those with money can buy a bond and self insure. The little guy gets hosed. I've been driving for 35+ years. total insurance claims: 1 comp claim 15 years ago, ice slid from the roof of a building and landed on the roof of my legally parked Cadillac. (building owner's insurance paid, not my auto company) 3 months ago, I was rear ended while waiting for a traffic light. Damage: bent bumper supports, plastic bumper cover, back-up sensors. Other party's insurance promptly paid for physical damage. My wife has soft tissue damage and nerve damage neck and lower back, verified by 2 MDs, and an MRI. Chiropractic care is helping, Chiro says 9 mos to a year she should be as good as new (at $35 per visit). Now MY insurance company has jacked my rates 15%, and is demanding that wife stops seeing chiropractor. They have scheduled a visit with their "medical expert" who is a DC, but does not see patients, only does evaluations for the insurance company! This whole claim can be subrugated against the other drivers insurance so there should be no cost to my company. They seem to have signed off with the other insurance company and have decided that now it's their duty to protect the other company rather than protecting their customer. Going to go see a local hard-arsed ambulance chaser this afternoon. I would never have considered this route, but when my own company refuses to pay for 36 weeks of chiropractic visits, (the emergency room visit cost far more) That is total bullshot!
NOW it will cost them, lost wages, MD and DC bills, pain and suffering, the whole bit! I really dislike ambulance chasing lawyers, but the insurance companies force you to use them.
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