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OK I took the 350 out put a 305 in using the 350 heads which came on both 350 and 305 engines. I am using the same everything that was on the 350 except the block and the bottom end. I have stock exhaust (y-pipe) with no muffler no cat no o2 sensor. (it wasn hooked up before and was fine). It starts right up and actually sound alright at idle but seems like it has a little miss to it. When I take off it sputters and def has lost some power. Plugs and wires are a month old. Timing might be off but if it is its barely off. Not consernd about that. Like I said before I started the engine and started pulling plugs, nothing changes. Hell I forgot to hook the hole left side plugs up (1,3,5,7) and the truck still fired right up and sounded the same. I have fuel coming out both injectors. I have called the parts store and found this out. Throttle bodies on both 350 and 305 are the same. So are the fuel pressure regulators. The only thing that is different is the injectors. (different part numbers) But that doesnt mean they are always different. I replaced all the gaskets on this engine all valve seals, rear main so everything would be freash. I cleaned everything in a parts cleaner before reusing. I was extra careful with the throttle body. Also Im positive I have the valves (rockers) adjusted right. Im missing something. It ran fine before with the other 350 block and bottem end and this 305 block and bottm end had no issues. All vaccum lines are right. I have a diagram on my truck. I called my mechanic and left a message. If I cant figure it out Ill take it to him as he has done a 350 to 305 engine swap on TBI system and vise versa many times. Alot of people say its cause I need a 305 computer but that is not it. Also I didnt replace this with a 93 TBI motor. This block is from a 87 - 91 camaro that is bored 60 over with dished pistons. Another thing when its in park idleing i can hit the gas and it doesnt sound bad, just when it is idleing it has a small miss and when I take off it has a really bad miss

Thank you all for your help
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