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Push rod lenght

Yeah , Ok 2 basic types of aftermarket Push rod,s ! Chromoly <<< Touted as being the Blank ! << Personally, I hate um ! Then Think there called Mitche Or Michele . <, Cant remember But think there Mitchel what I use . << My machinist just hand's um too me ??? Ive Never seen the Box .

But this is what I use on Vw motor's Mitchel Aluminum Push rodd's . Same ones used By V8 Builders . There Aluminum , And Expensive . But much easier too work with than Chromoly .

Now On V8 Motors . << Havent Built one in 15 Year's ? It's been a while ?

But Valve Geometry comes intoo play here . Push rodd lenght's are determined by Valve Geometry . << determines the Lenght .

Way I do it is I build an Adjustable Push rod . << Get an approximate Lenght, then Cut tipp off a stock Push rod , Thread it with a Tapp . Then use a Bolt with a Modified head << That duplicate's a Push rod End , Then a Locking Nut ! Thread Nut on the bolt . Then screw bolt intoo the threaded end of the modified stock Push rod . Via adjustable Push rod, with locking nut !

Use Adjustable Push rodd too Get your valve Geometry , correct ! When Valve geometry is correct using the adjustable Push rod . You lock the Nut on it . << Push rod Lenght !

Basically on Vw motor ! I turn the motor over until the Valve spring is 1/2 way thru it's travel . << Have too determine when spring is compressed Exactly at 1/2 way . Then I look at the Valve tipp adjuster <<< Should be in a direct straight line with Valve stem . << Way Vw valve geometry is aquired ? >>> On V8's ??? I dont know !

Hydraulic Lifters ? I dont know ? But do know this ! I would find out . Valve geometry is important ! <<< Difference atween Good motor and a Badd motor ! Not a Guessin game ? Aftermarkrt head's, Valves, Rocker's, the Decking And Surfaceing , Of Block and Heads all affect what lenght your Push rod's need too be too Aquire a Proper valve geometry .

Now on Actually Cutting Aluminum Mitchel Rodd's << Expensive and it's a One shot Deal . You mess um up ! It's over , Buy new sett ! <<, Easier too work with than Chromoly ? But I hate Chromoly Push Rods ! Far as im concerned, chromoly is Only good for Full on Race motor's , Runnin Fuel !

Napa has Book on V8 Chevy rebuild's << Probably has Section on Valve Geometry . There like 20 Buck's I would buy one ?
Well worth the money ! Considerin money that goes intoo Rebuildin a Motor ?

Post again with what Type of Push rod your Gonna be Usin ? << This will determine how I cut them Too lenght . I can Go over how I cut mine, if you like ?

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