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Bad Rat 12-08-2011 09:43 AM

Putting America BACK to work
As we ALL know,, China is taking over America,, owning our national debt, all manufacturing, practically every phase of everyday life,, and most importantly our JOBS,
watch this Video and think about it the next time you go to buy anything,, especally building materials,,, after being in the construction industry for nearly 50 years,, this is very disturbing to see,, what has happened to the country :(


dinger 12-08-2011 10:03 AM

This news should be sent to every home remodeling-building show on tv, they could use this as a promotion and really get the word out.

shine 12-10-2011 06:06 AM

the american consumer is as much to blame as anyone. we complain about china on our way to walmart . in the grand scheme of things china actually owns a small percentage of our debt. we the american people own the majority of it.
as china grows up more and more businesses are moving back here. just as the petro investment is now 70% in the west. in china the gov will back a co to steal your product and produce it cheaper . in big oil an unstable gov will nationalize and take 51% of their business away. there is a shift in the winds. if we can get rid of the socialist in washington and let industry grow america can come back just as before. but we can not tax our way out of this. getting the 5% of people employed again will generate more tax than taxing the rich or big co's at 50%

and we all know there is 4% that wont work if given a job.

Custom10 12-11-2011 02:21 PM

Greed is the Enemy
Yep, there is no better way to get up than to have some one kick you when your arse is down. There is no reason that anyone in North America should be down for long, sad part is there was too much focus on year after year growth, that led to greed and the "love" of money I heard is the root of all evil.

North America and Europe still has the upper hand when it comes to technologies and real high tech manufacturing and research. This will always be our saving grace while the "mass" produced low tech industries go to East.

The desire for profit and the power of greed dumped the global economy. The global economy is still in the hands of the USA. Get up and take it back without a monster desire for margin dollars.

I am in sales now, I work for a BIG US company, every year we want growth and the market will only sustain so much of our product. So in order to increase the share holders $$$ we cut costs, send the work over seas and to the low dollar worker. Look for product to be assembled or manufactured cheaper. All this to increase profit. It is true the rich get richer and the average joe has his job cut while the CEO gets a new yacht.

And rightly so, if you work hard and own a company I say good for you, it is the capitalistic way that I adhere to, I will never support "occupy" but there is merit to accountability. I will always support profit from companies that are responsible.

It is time that the big CEO's wake up and start being accountable to the worker and the local factories and suppliers as well as the share holder. And it dont matter if you are a CEO or a share holder or a worker for that matter,,, quit being so GD greedy!

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