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Qjet Choke

Check with a volt meter for 12 volts between the electrical contact on the choke housing and ground If 12 volts present, Choke heater is toast. If no 12 volt find out the reason.

Originally Posted by Siggy_Freud
Howdy all,

First off, I am a carb noob, plain and simple. I've rebuilt 1 Holley 650 cfm before and it went fine, but other than that, I don't have much time inside a carb.

Here is a problem I am having:

A month or so ago I bought a Quadrajet off craigslist for about 30 bucks. Its a spreadbore that came off a late 80's pickup. I mated it to my 68 307 after finding the right gaskets.

The problem I have with it is that the choke doesn't want to disengage after it's warmed up. When I start the car, I hit the gas once, turn it over, and it starts and idles fine. I take off and drive it. By the time I get to work, the car is actually idling higher than it was upon the initial start. The little choke elephant ear is all the way up. I can manually push it down, thus opening the choke, but the second you move the throttle, the choke is re-engaged. No amount of throttle blipping brings it down on it's own.

Not really sure what to do here. For the time being, I've removed the electric choke spring assembly and it idles fine, other than being more difficult to start in the AM and after work. It does not re-engage the choke when you blip the throttle with the coiled spring out. Incidentally, off-idle response is much better, having gotten rid of the slight bog.

Any thoughts as to why pressing the throttle after the car is warm closes the choke rather than opens it?

I've done some searching, and found similar issues, but not quite sure I've find my solution.
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