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Jag Daddy 04-21-2004 10:43 AM

Quadrajet question Choke adjustment and more
I was working on the engine last night and noticed the choke never closes when the engine is cold, I tried adjusting it and it sluggishly closed. I tried adjusting for the open position with the engine running but the choke adjustment wouldn't turn until I shut off the engine. What's the best way to adjust the choke?

Also while I doing all this work in the engine compartment I have now (finally) noticed that the accelerator pump lever on the front of the carb is not clearing the bottom of the air cleaner. It's a drop base style and when fully seated causes the pump lever to be slightly pushed down. This cause the engine idle to drop as well. I think a 1/4 spacer would clear it but I can't seem to find one that thin.

Thanks all

poncho62 04-21-2004 11:02 AM

What type of choke is on it, Jag?

Is it a spring on the mainfold, or is it built into a black round plastic piece?

If its that type, the spring in the round piece may be shot, or not connected up to the choke. There are also electric springs on some models.

Actually, I just looked at the pic in your album. It's the non electric type. The spring inside has to go through the slot in the shaft in the centre to make it work. Adjust it so the choke just closes when cold. If it doesn't open when it warms up, the spring is shot.

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