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hotrod fozzie 01-06-2012 05:08 PM

A QUESTION FOR 64-65 malibu/chevelle owners
I am building a custom truck and like the height of the rear wheel archs on the 64 and 65 chevelle , can someone who owns one do me a favor? Run a string line from the front to the back of the quarter panel at the bottom and give me the measurement up to the center of the wheel arch? It would be like if you lowered a car and measured from the ground up to see how much lower you are except your not going from the ground but measuring up from the string I HOPE THIS MAKES SENSE AND YOU CAN HELP PLEASE!!! :D

hotrod fozzie 05-13-2012 08:52 AM

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MARTINSR 05-13-2012 10:40 AM

Take the measurements right off this photo.

Right on your computer monitor, measure a "known" like the diameter of the wheel. We know it's a 14" wheel. If you take a piece of paper and put it up on your monitor marking off what the diameter of the wheel is you now have a standard to go by. You then put a piece of paper on the screen across from the front of the wheel well to the rear of the wheel well and using your standard measure the distance from the line up to the arch. I find that it is almost exactly half as far as the diameter of the wheel making that measurement you are after to be 7". Yes this is kinda crude and it may be off a bit but what does it matter if you are doing a customer mod anyway?

What looks good on your truck is what really matters. Taking this rough measurement and mocking it up somehow on your truck you can get a good idea of how it will look. Mock it up with cardboard or something, be sure that the cardboard is the same color as the truck so it doesn't give you some illusion and get it out side so you can stand back and look at it.


hotrod fozzie 05-13-2012 07:10 PM

thank you for the help seems very logical , I am glad you took the time to help me out!!!

MARTINSR 05-13-2012 07:19 PM

Your welcome, now have fun!


cobalt327 05-14-2012 02:33 AM


Originally Posted by hotrod fozzie
thank you for the help seems very logical , I am glad you took the time to help me out!!!

One small addition- a 14" steel Chevy wheel (as used on my '80 Malibu), when viewed from the side is about 15-3/8" in diameter when taking the bead retention flange into account. ;)

MARTINSR 05-14-2012 07:57 AM

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This is true, I was using the outside of the wheel cover on the Chevelle and it is most likely at least 15".

But still well within the boundaries of "close enough" for this purpose I am hoping. :sweat:

By the way Fozzie I am doing the exact same thing on my truck in that I am looking at making my wheel openings the same as a 53-55 or 56-57 Vette. I am not at that point where I am doing any cutting so right now while dreaming of the project I am keeping my eye out for these cars and just standing back and eye balling them thinking about it. At a recent visit to a local museum I took these photos for the project.

I hope to literally be able to take a pattern off a real car just for kicks but if I can't find someone willing to let me I will be using photos like these.

Back before photo shop I use to blow up a photo and then cut measuring carefully a known, and chop the top or section the body of the car or truck in the photo. Standing back and looking at mocked up modifications is one of the most important things you can do when customizing a car. All too often this is done in hast and the cutting and welding is done before a real good look has been done. A photo cut up on your dining table and taped or glued together is one way to mock up your cars modification and "stand back" and get a good look at it. Now this is just one dimensional and you can't walk around and get different angles of it, but it is better than nothing.

I have one of these photos on the wall of my garage that I did of my truck 15 years ago, hopefully I will be back on the truck in not too long. Right now it's just inspiration to finish the project I am on.


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